Mursi due in Germany on visit shortened by Egypt crisis

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Parker1227 wrote:

Wow. Reuters going after “Islamist” abusers in Egypt. Someone pinch me. It seems like only months ago that Reuters was supporting the leftist delusion that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was an essentially “secular” organization. This is what top Obama administration officials were telling America.

Won’t hold my breath waiting for any apologies. The fundamentalist left NEVER says it’s sorry. They don’t care a bit about naive stuff like truth or honor. They just want to control every scrap of political power by any means necessary.

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Invictuss wrote:

Poop egipos will be dreaming for the days under Mubarak :-)

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Montpessat wrote:

Mixing religion and state will always be an explosive and unstable cocktail. Tampering with a nation’s constitution like Egypt recently did without a long and grueling debate even more so. Turkey for example, enjoys a peaceful society as they have managed to remain secular and succeeded in separating religion and state. Stay secular, stay stable Egypt.

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sylvan wrote:

For Morsi to try to hide behind the thin veil of a democratic government, after making inflammatory moves towards an religious state after being democratically elected, forebode a difficult track for the people of Egypt. All these little emperors are the same the world over: one taste of power and they are hooked like heroin junkies.

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linyanjasmay wrote:

Yah the Muslim Brotherhood is not liked by majority of Egyptians but is well liked by Obama..

Jan 29, 2013 5:50am EST  --  Report as abuse
kurmudgeon wrote:

How different things would be with a forward thinker like Sadat still in the mix. Mubarak may have been a brute, but I guess that’s what’s needed to keep the anarchists in their place. The common man will be worse off with these thugs.

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elven_archer wrote:

@ kurmudgeon
Are you saying that Egypt has “anarchists”?
Are you saying that Egyptians “need” a “brute”?
Sadat threw thousands of people who belong to the opposition in jail. He signed a peace treaty without any parliamentary consent. He oppressed Egyptians so horribly they thought they had no choice but to assassinate him.
You call that a “forward thinker”?

Where are you from, sir, if I may ask?

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kenradke11 wrote:

And this is going to be another Syria because of the Islamist’s AGENDA TO BRING IN THE BARBARIC AND INHUMANE SHARIA LAW!! This must not and cannot be left to happen…it would be devastating to say the least, The Islamist movement is a ploy to take over the nations one by one! They must be stopped at all costs!

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Crash866 wrote:

2 years later…how is the Arab Spring working out…check the gas pumps this summer…tick tock…

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Brazilian1 wrote:

Easy to understand: the MB and the Egyptian army formed an alliance to out Mubarak. Now the MB feels they don’t need the army any more, so the alliance is being broken.

The only person on earth that could try to stop the MB is Mr. Obama. But he will no do anything. The MB had reserved seats on the front row at his historical speech in Cairo… He is actually more aligned to them than to his own party.

If I were someone I would support the Jordanian king at the moment.

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pbgd wrote:

Watch for the military to try a comeback.

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bobber1956 wrote:

Yes well the islam leader in the US has it on the brink as well, it is just not as obvious-yet.

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mensa141 wrote:

It is tough to run a country when you are trying to run it from an islamic cult viewpoint.

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ofilha wrote:

@elven_archer, if you recall, it was the MB that killed Sadat, not the Egyptian people. But except that the MB has a strong constituency in the throngs of the illiterate.

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ofilha wrote:

bobber, you are quite racist and ignorant. What are the facts to back your little theory? Do you also believe that Obama was born in Kenya?

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ofilha wrote:

bobber, you are quite racist and ignorant. What are the facts to back your little theory? Do you also believe that Obama was born in Kenya?

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bobber1956 wrote:

islam has nothing to do with race and you are an idiot.

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bemore2day wrote:

It seems to me the “lemmings” would be those who continue to believe ridiculous unfounded theories about our president when faced with the reality that there are no facts to base those theories on.

It is not love, but respect that the office of the President deserves. The lack of respect shown this President is getting very old after 4 years. The conspiracy theorists need to let go and move on and hopefully gain back some of the self-respect they have lost by following such idiotic attempts to discredit our president.

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bemore2day wrote:

There is no easy fix in the middle east. I think overall the administration has done a good job at walking the tightrope between to little action and too much action.

We (the United States) are not the world’s watch dog, or a global dictatorship. It is refreshing to have a president who understands this and is not quick to launch us into another war.

The middle east must find it’s own path, it may not be what we (Americans) support, but it is also not our country. In some cases we need to just allow other governments to govern without our interference. Action or inaction by the U.S. concerning the M.E. is going to be criticized either way.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:


That’s rich coming from a guy that probably cheered the movie made about assasinating Bush.

Sorry to break it to you, but repsect is EARNED. So far Obama hasn’t done much to earn my respect. All I see is a guy driven by ideology that demonizes those that don’t share his specific views.

Funny how Hillary was saying just a few years ago that it was PATRIOTIC to disagree with the president. Now they just call you a racist…

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Crash866 wrote:

bobber1956 felt the need to defend which in my book makes him a lacky or a lemming. My post did not mention a conspiracy. It was an reaction to a posters need to defend.

Really how respectful were you to the last president? How respectful was the Liberal Left to last president? Pratice what you preach.
Most wanted to impeach him and the vice pres for war crimes.

Also notice how my post got taken down??? No conspiracy there eh…

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Crash866 wrote:

On this adminstrations foreign policy it no conspiracy how bad it’s gone in the first 4 years but I bet you think Hilary was a “GREAT” secretary of state in thie complex and dangerous wrold we live in.
Here’s a list of the great things that have happened under this admistrations watch. By the end of his second term WWIII will really be cooking.

1 North Korea launches a “satellite”
2 Iran moves closer to nuclear weapon
3 Libya & a dead ambasssador
4 Syria and all that has turned into
5 Egypt Arab Spring gets captured by the Muslim Brotherhood…who didn’t see that one coming???

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1942.bill wrote:

Egypt’s relative freedoms, such as they were under the Mubarak regime, have been snatched away and trampled by the godless savages who will institute the harsh reality that is Sharia law. This “freely elected” government is bent on one thing only – a theist state run strictly for the benefit of those who would institute the new caliphate and enthrone the Mahdi. Crucifying dissenters in front of the presidential palace sends shivers up many spines in this country as we watch what our own “caliph” is doing to the United States of America. Could this be a harbinger of the fate that awaits us? Crosses in use in front of the White House? God help us all.

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Crash866 wrote:

ofilha & bemore2day
Read the posts by 1942.bill & MikeyLikesIt for a different perspective.
By the way Obama didn’t support the “Arab Spring” that was going to bring freedom and democracy to Egypt?

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Vuenbelvue wrote:

Save the Pyramids and 3-4,000 year old antiquities. Nothing much else matters and is replacable.

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elven_archer wrote:

if you recall, it was the MB that killed Sadat
obviously ma’am you don’t know jack about Egypt. It was another, more violent, Islamist group.

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