North Korea threatens war with South over U.N. sanctions

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beancube2101 wrote:

Yeah, they have no choice while people are hungry in the country. Advance technologies are for wars only. No banker doesn’t want you to go to wars for money. You need money to blow up everything and you also need money to rebuild. Both of them are big business to those tycoon bankers. Aye, why don’t you, Koreans – both the North and the South, device a plan to rob those religious transnational bankers for against those UN sanctions? Those banks robbed us for a long time already. We’d consider that you’re doing a charity act and you don’t need money to blow up and rebuild anything too. Nuclear bombs are nothing to us. We have plenty of them scary enough for you to see that they are enough to blow up four times the size of this existent world. Koreans, don’t waste your time on those over supplied destruction technology, just go rob those multinational bankers with modern technologies and be more productive for this world instead.

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randburg100 wrote:

NKR should be treated as you would a spoilt brat – just turn your back on them & only talk to them when they behave properly. By responding to their stupidity will just make them worse.

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vonrock wrote:

It’s the same all over the world, If you can’t feed em’ Don’t breed em’

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prietenul wrote:

“Just let North Korea be ‘angry’ … China hopes for a stable peninsula, but it’s not the end of the world if there’s trouble there. This should be the baseline of China’s position.” (China Daily)

I guess The China Daily doesn’t think a nuclear war on its doorstep is “the end of the world.” If North Korea does anything stupid, the Chinese as the North’s biggest trading partner and sponsor will be directly responsible. It just might be the end of the world for China.

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North Korea threatens war five times a week (and two times extra if there’s a holiday). Hysterical screaming at the top of their lungs is their normal mode of communication.

The North would lose quickly and badly if war breaks out, so the threat is really that they’ll destroy Söul and cause as much damage as they can to Tokyo before they go down. The bit about Tokyo is why the world don’t want North Korea to have ICBMs.

So the deal is this: North Korea has to seem insane because only an insane leadership would attack when their destruction was guaranteed; and North Korea has to threaten to attack to extort supply shipments from the US and South Korea; and they must have supply shipments or (even more) north koreans would starve to death.

North Korea’s economy is doing so badly that the country engages not just in extortion, but in all sorts of illegal activity, from weapons smuggling and trading drugs to counterfeiting money (notably US dollars).

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Renaldo39 wrote:

China is ok with North Korea’s bellicose actions until such time the relationship between the USA and China is affected to an uncomfortable degree. China will minimize intervening with North Korea and use the potential for intervention with the USA it as leverage and bargaining chip with the USA. You will hear much from China saying it can’t do much while in reality it could but will not as a bargaining chip with the USA. The strategy for the USA is to stay engaged with China but get the upper hand in the economic relationship with China. China has economic leverage over the USA on the trade imbalance and current ownership of 21% of USA treasury holdings. US Corporations and their proxy the Republican Party will continue this unbalanced trade relationship so that corporations and the top economic 1% will continue to make money to the disadvantage of US geopolitical interests. Kim Jong-un has lived a sheltered life, has an unrealistic view of the world, believing North Korea is more powerful than it really is. He will want to outdo the legacy of his father and grandfather. When North Korea eventually gets a nuclear ballistic missiles it will then attack South Korea using the missiles as a deterrent from the USA directly attacking North Korean soil. US will be forced to launch nukes on Korea to take out their nuclear tipped ballistic missiles and there may be potential West Coast is hit by North Korean nuclear ballistic missiles. North Korean missile does not need to be accurate only has to hit anywhere in continental USA to be effective – causing massive panic in USA. Part of the strategic blame can be assessed to Corporate USA/top 1% earners through their Republican Party proxy where making money outweighs USA geopolitical interests.

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pupdog wrote:

The bad news is that N. Korea has a million-man army.

The good news is that they can only afford three bullets each.

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CMEBARK wrote:

Nuc em till they glow and then shoot em in the dark.

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Alex77 wrote:

Of course they soon will be able to hit the US and soon after New York and DC. What is the point of ICBMs if not to destroy the superpower to complete the fantasy of world domination and cult aggrandizement? In the end, it’s all simple piracy. While we continue to tolerate this very dangerous regime and cult we are enabling them to assure our destruction. So is the madman the dumb one or are we, who say we are sane? If my major cities were close to that place (like 800 miles to the west of their launch site) I would be one hundred times more worried.

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reality-again wrote:

If there is a war in the Korean peninsula, the Chinese economy will take a big hit.
Interestingly, the Chinese government seems incapable of understanding the problem, or doing anything about it.
This sheds some realistic light on Beijing’s inability to play any serious role on the international scene, even when the problem is in their own back yard.

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americanguy wrote:

Be prepared to wipe North Korea out, then cut them off and stave them. Just like in middle ages.
When we are done with them, we can do the same to Iran.
We need to clean up this planet.
By “we” I mean the world.

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dtschuck wrote:

While one sympathizes with the unmitigated suffering of millions of North Koreans, the fact is we can’t help the populace without helping Kim Is Sik. Sanction, isolate and ignore. Deprive them of the one essential they require to exist…attention.

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tbro wrote:

What in God’s name does North Korea produce that the Chinese would buy as their biggest trading partner?

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Invictuss wrote:

Every country should be allowed to defend itself against vultures like US&A, Israel…if the hamericans and israelis denounced their nuclear programes and demolish the huge asenal they have then they can address the other nations to quit their neclear ambitions otherwise they can just stfu

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dtschuck wrote:

What in God’s name does North Korea produce that the Chinese would buy as their biggest trading partner?
Cheap knockoffs of Chinese products?

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dareisay wrote:

This is their problem, not ours! How many countries does Obama have our troops in, 6 or 8? He’s spreading our troops thin!

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prietenul wrote:

Oh, the Chinese want access to all of North Korea’s natural resources especially rare metals. Also, the North Koreans are happy to set up special economic zones where their workers are totally exploited by foreign companies and their wages are handed over to the North Korean government. But more importantly, I suspect the Chinese secretly giggle every time the North Koreans “go ballistic” and threaten their South Korean and Japanese neighbors. Then the Chinese urge moderation and negotiation”, but the thinly veiled message to Japan and South Korea is if you want peace, you better come begging to us, not the USA, because we are the only ones who can yank North Korea’s chain.

Jan 25, 2013 8:47am EST  --  Report as abuse wrote:

He looks constipated. China must not realize how sick we are of their neighbor. Thats ok we will take control if they won’t.

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Just let the nubie in NK know that Obama has a drone with his name on it.

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boreal wrote:

CMEBARK : “Nuc em till they glow and then shoot em in the dark.”

————- —————-

Ms. /Mr. BARK,
I am looking at the map of the region; North Korea is smack right in the middle, bordering China, South Korea and just stone throw away from Japan. It N.K. is nuked – as you so enthusiastically promote – it would not matter which way the wind blows, their neighbors would be showered with destructive radioactive fallout as well. Not only N. K. would be destroyed, but its neighbor would be seriously damaged as well. China, a friend of the N.K. and itself is a nuclear superpower. How much destruction would you think the Chinese would tolerate on their country on their economy, on their own people? Do think about it before you would mount your horse and fall on your own sword.

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Bring it.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

Bring it on fatty. The US is just dying to make an example out of another nation in order to avoid conflict with Iran, which is a real threat.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


No, the US and Israel will continue their dominance of every piss ant little country that they wish to. If we allow a nation to have nuclear weapons, or oil, or food, that nation should be grateful. The US and Israel dominates the world obviously, because that is all people like you ever talk about.

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reuterssucks1 wrote:

Now just a minute, there. We really need North Korea. It is a shining example of where progressive ideology inevitably leads. A dictatorship, elites in luxury and everyone else eating their own shoes. If it wasn’t in a warm climate, Cuba would be just the same.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


China should be thinking about that before allowing North Korea to continue their plans. China’s saving grace would be stating that they themselves will attack North Korea if North Korea nukes anyone. That would keep the US from a nuclear retalliation, and the US and SK from storming the peninsula. It would be in their best interest to take a strong position against North Korea’s use of nukes. China is still not strong enough to take on the US and its allies in the region.

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sjfella wrote:

To all the clowns saying bring it on or some other such nonsense, when’s the last time the U.S. actually won a war? Ignore all the bs media and you’ll see the answer was WWII. You really think they’ll take on a million-man army? Not a chance.

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supremacy wrote:

They’re already at war. They’ve been at war since ’53. What’s the problem again?

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gregbrew56 wrote:

Same as a two-year-old throwing a tantrum when they don’t get their way.

Ignore them. They will eventually stop and grow up.

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eurekamoment wrote:

They know what they’re doing in NK. Not crazy at all.

As for China, I have a different view than just about everyone. And that is that China WANTS all of this to be going on because it creates a huge problem for the U.S. that cannot be resolved. We’re always going to China to ask them to please help. Their response is always “But we have no influence.” But all of North Korea’s exports and imports go through China, virtually all of its energy, most of its food, etc. Plus, all of the trade and investment and money is Chinese. So even the tiniest pressure would bring NK to a halt. The idea that they have no influence is laughable.

Plus, they block every effort to put pressure on NK. All of the UN sanctions and resolutions are either vetoed or gutted and every other type of pressure we’ve tried to put on NK has been undermined by China. Why? They don’t want the problem resolved. It helps them to have a “rogue” power out there which cannot be stopped – we can’t attack because China has a mutual defense treaty with NK and so it would mean war with China – and which forces us to beg for help that never comes.

If China were really afraid of NK, they never would have allowed them to develop the missiles and weapons in the first place.

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randburg100 wrote:

I bet fatboy in NKR has a schedule for ‘declaring war’ …Ah it’s Thursday, 9.00 am ..declare war on South Korea, 10.00 am get funny haircut, 11.00 am send peasants to gulag, 12.00 to 4.00pm stuff face…

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TheNewWorld wrote:


The US hasn’t lost any conventional wars with any nation. Operation Desert Storm was a joke, and so was the follow up war where we marched right into Baghdad and took out their leader. Don’t confuse conventional warfare with a guillera war. North Korea’s million-man army is nothing compared to what Hussein had in the desert prior to the gulf war. They were the 4th largest military in the world. The pride of the arabs. Please tell me how they fared.

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bboaze wrote:

If they invade, the South Korean women will pop them over their heads with their ddukbaegi. (Cooking pots)

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MetalHead8 wrote:

@Bboaze, your gunna need more cooking pots.

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jeffrow63 wrote:

Why are they so paranoid? Do they really think any country would want to invade them? What do they have to offer except millions of starving people?

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Overcast451 wrote:

The fearful little man is thumping his chest.

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Neurochuck wrote:

This article in Global Times is half amusing.
“Not all Peninsula issues China’s problem”
“China is doomed to be located in East Asia where the situation is now quite chaotic. But luckily, China is the most powerful among the region’s countries, so it will be influenced the least by the situation. China should stay calm.”
Which seems similar to a lot of commenters – just ignore the raving drunk in the street, better to just sit in a big house and watch Li Na beat Azarenka on the big South Korean TV screen.

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mils54 wrote:

Renaldo39′s point of view is interesting and may have many real truth’s to it. I believe the Chinese are the puppeteers as well and when the situation get’s out of hand, I believe they themselves will move on NK, They don’t want the U.S right on their border. The money aspect of his comment is spot on IMHO!.

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mils54 wrote:


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Joe_Casepack wrote:

China plays along because they don’t want millions of starving and poorly educated North Koreans flooding into their country as a result of any NK government upheaval. Let them keep talking stupid as long as they stay out of China is how China sees it.

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ralphos wrote:

When someone threatens you long enough you sooner or later are forced to take them down on your time choosing not theirs.

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Grant_X wrote:

Hey americanguy, when you, I mean we, are done cleaning up the planet, what will it look like to you? Will everyone speak English? Who will rule this cleaned up world? Will countries still be sovereign or will they have to rely on an international convention?

Good lord if we need any cleaning done in this world it is in the minds of people like you.

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UnderRated wrote:

Grant_X et al…

North Korea may eventually be the crucible within which is formed the next hegemony. The United States has ruled the world for a while now, and it hasn’t been all bad. Will the next century belong to China, and their peculiar brand of communism? Personally, I hope not, but maybe that is because I am not chinese. As despicable as the US hegemony has been, including neo-colonialism, the shadow government, and the military industrial complex, NK fascism makes Uncle Sam look no more sinsister than Daddy Warbucks. Anyway, I’m sure China has it’s fair share of nationalist bigots who would love to see the PRC ‘clean up’ the world by annihilating America and her allies. Honk if you think world war three is overdue!

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