Obama to launch immigration push in Nevada next week

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AdamSmith wrote:

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

Nature has not yet rescinded the Law of Supply and Demand.

The plain fact is that immigration into any modern country has two serious, lethal effects on the native-born citizens:
1. Immigration sharply drives down wage rates.
2. Immigration sharply drives up housing costs (rent rates).

Thus employers and landlords benefit from immigration.
Thus common workers are greatly harmed by immigration.

When immigration is unchecked, as it is today into the US, even the immigrants will soon find their own wage rates dropping because of immigrants arriving next year.

In the entire history of America there has never been immigration flows at the huge, uncontrolled level that is taking place today. The Irish, Italian and German immigrations to America were tiny compared to the immigration today. And back then America was building factories, not closing factories and outsourcing.

Today there are hundreds of millions of people in giant impoverished cities all over the world trying to move to wealthier countries. Impoverished people are seeking wealth, whether in America, Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia — any developed country of wealth.

But it is only America who has dropped its defenses and simply allows itself to be overrun. All the other countries in the world, COMBINED, do not allow the immigration that comes into America. Those countries behave the way America behaved during most of its history — they do not allow immigration.

Today, America is completely controlled by big companies and landlords who grow wealthy from depressing wages and raising rents.

Why should America even have a military if it is going to allow foreigners by the millions to simply walk in and take its jobs and buy its real estate unhindered?

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

“La Reconquista” is almost complete. Gracias Mr. Presidente! Betrayal of the American people to get foreign voters is treason.

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spca wrote:

after all this time and bla, bla, bla. does the word ILLEGAL only apply to some but not all. very confusing .

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Speaker2 wrote:


we are a country of immigrants and due to our low birth rate, we will need more people to move here. I say let them all in. Republicans and Teabaggers might not like it as the people coming here are not old white men.

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