Wall Street Week Ahead: Bears hibernate as stocks near record highs

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bamper wrote:

The bearish case is a difficult one to make right now? With the euphoria dramatically dislocated from fundamentals and empirical world wealth trough-to-peak moves indicating a turning point, the lack of bearish arguments is deafening. The smart money is tail hedging and stacking PM’s. What about the very premeditated unloading of some 800K shares (some $350 million worth) of AAPL in the last second ? Get a clue.

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PseudoTurtle wrote:

Actually, making a bearish case is quite easy right now.

Simply look at the $16 trillion in debt on the books — of course, if you are wealthy you don’t have to worry about paying for that, since it is the problem of the middle class, isn’t it? — and growing by another trillion this year alone due to the Bernanke insanity of QE forever, along with a completely stalled US economy that isn’t generating enough jobs to survive (but immigration can take care of that, right?) and the fact we manage to survive soley by virtue of printing worthless money.

Read these articles about the massive global bubble that is about to crash and I guarantee you won’t feel quite so bearish.




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Bancherul wrote:

””We’ve been increasing our exposure to risky assets.”” – one dumb question…. why I never saw this kind of “wise-tellings” when S’n'P500 was in the 600′s or in the 700′s ?
It’s simple as the fact that a grain of salt is…salted. The big movers don’t yell on the main streets when they buy, it’s all quiet while the sheeps keep selling and selling furiously …

And now I see all the papers and newsletters busted with big titles like ” buy now, you’ll get rotten rich” ?

One more dumb question:
Why NOBODY got rich buying when all papers and newsletters yelled “buy now” ? Because it’s impossible? Because all the media is property of… the silent rich men that buy when all the sheep are just selling?

Ok, stocks will rise…. maybe 5 , maybe 10 % … but just keep thinking at one thing: “QE”‘s from all the big central banks will create inflation – first on the volatile things (food, energy) and the realted to others. Think what happend during summer in the southern emisphere …the hottest summer ever! OK. Now think that soon in the northern emisphere there will be springtime and afterthat, the summer. If the crops in US and Russia and Europe will be a disaster due to drought of 2013 please tell me … how China will do? All the big dynasties fell due to food/water shortages in China! May/June 2013 will be very interesting for stocks!
Keep buying stocks, sheep!
Don’t you even dare to think! And assure never pass by your mind the thought that the best buying idea would be to buy the S’n'P 500 in the 500′s during the end of 2013 – the start of 2014, not now in the 1500′s….

But usually the sheeps never think ….
Keeeep buying !

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