In Virginia, Biden pitches White House's gun-control plan

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whatsnew wrote:

Meanwhile Hollywood pitches “Bullet to the Head” movie. Hellos, from violence promoting, liberal Hollywood CA.

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reality-again wrote:

Hollywood is to blame for the gun cult in this country at least as much as the NRA is.

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CF137 wrote:

Obama wants to revive a U.S. ban on military-style assault weapons

That’s a lie.

The proposal on the books right now is a ban on ALL semi-automatic weapons…rifles, pistols and shotguns. Any gun that basically has a detachable magazine would be banned.

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juxtapose wrote:

I don’t think that laws or pieces of paper keep people in check , its their moral convictions, a sense of right and wrong that does. I feel that the government should stop making decisions for people but equip them to make decisions to have the ability to understand cause and consequence. There isn’t a quick fix that an instant gratification society needs as in a 30 minute sitcom where all is resolved. It requires time and energy…. wait …. what ?

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Let’s face it, violent crime by both sane and insane people is a serious problem whether the perpetrator uses a firearm, bomb, knife or what have you. Some places in the US have a law called “Three Strikes” where after three felony’s the criminal is put away for life. I Believe that it is time to change that to “Death”.

With todays forensic technology, it seems extremely unlikely that any innocent person would be found guilty three times of a violent crime using a deadly weapon if a “Three Strikes and YOU ARE OUT” law was enacted today. Furthermore, the list of repeat offenders would be greatly shortened. I think it would greatly help the gang problem both here and in Canada too. It seems today in the time of The War on Terror, we (the people) have developed an acceptance of killing in order to protect ourselves, our property, our country etc.

Eliminating the “Insanity Plea” and changing the Thee Strikes Law as we have it today to “Three Strikes and YOU ARE OUT” is just the next logical step. (Maybe eliminating First Time Offenders who use GUNS for crimes would be a better answer!!!) Deciding if it was “Self Defense” would be our only problem after that…

NOTE: I could live with a complete “Gun Control” law which eliminated all firearms IF the bad guys turned all of theirs in first.

When an incident happens where a bad guy uses a firearm to commit a crime, we should not take firearms away from the people who DID NOT DO THE CRIME.

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justinolcb wrote:

doesn’t the Secret Service use assault weapons to protect him while he’s on these propaganda tours??!!??

Jan 27, 2013 12:18pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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