Japan to start 4K TV broadcast in July 2014: report

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Bagehot wrote:

Geofferey Morrison at CNET had it right when he said there’s a lot more to image resolution:
contrast, color and the compression that happens at the transmission end of U.S. TV. (http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57540238-221/three-tv-improvements-more-worthwhile-than-ultra-hd-4k/) Add to this the fact that the resolution difference between 2K and 4k is only
visible in a home setting with a screen more that 6 ft. wide. The priority for 4K distribution is movie theaters, where a 4K image at 60 fps is essentially the upper bound of human perception of line,depth and movement. For home entertainment, the shows can easily come down to 2K at 30 fps will few customers missing anything on their screen. The fact that the Japanese government has to shove this thing through before most people even have access to 4K sets should tell you something.

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tatman wrote:

if only the actual programming on most of these channels in the USA would be worth watching in 4K. do we REALLY need to see every pore on a kardashian’s nose? i mean, c’mon. most programming broadcast and consumed by the masses is sheer crap. as soon as my satellite contract is up (directv — the worst customer service and treatment i’ve ever received in my life) i’m going to be canceling cable, and going to 100% online streaming at a 2/3 reduction in cost. i just purchased a 47″ LG 3D HDTV this month — i’m not about to even consider a 4K TV for the next 4+ years. me thinks japan is desperate to prop up it’s ailing economy by ramming image resolution most users cannot/will not be able to take advantage of without investing thousands in TV/equipment upgrades. shades of blu-ray, anyone?

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Bunker555 wrote:

Please add Toshiba to your list.

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