China carries out anti-missile test

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MikeBarnett wrote:

This is not a surprise because China’s technology has been steadily improving. 50% of Chinese students major in science, engineering, and technology compared to 13% in the US. International test scores show Chinese students 1st and 1st in math and science compared to US pupils who were 31st in math and 23rd in science. Wen Jiabao told the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology in 2011 that there would be “freedom and democracy in academic pursuits,” so western claims that political democracy is needed for scientific progress are not valid. This has been developing at the public school level for many years, and it is reflected in China’s consistent rise in college and university rankings as reported by the British.

In addition, some democracies, such as the US, have failed their basic purpose. In the US Dot Bomb Bubble of 2000, the US Accounting Scandal of 2002-2003, and the US Financial Scandal of 2008 to the present, over 40,000 US technology, corporate, and financial leaders in over 1600 US corporations cheated investors in the US, US allies, and the rest of the world. The failure of the Bush and Obama regimes to prosecute more than a handful of the criminals did not make their acts legal, it made the Bush and Obama regimes “accessories after the fact” to the crimes. (Look up the legal term in quotations.) The US economy remains in the hands of criminals; the Bush regime was a criminal organization; and the Obama regime is a criminal organization.

Some US combat veterans, who earned advanced degrees in the sciences in between missions, have decided that it is better to develop defense technologies in China than in the US. In addition, the criminals in the US economy and defense industry are willing to sell US technology because the US no longer enforces it laws against corporate criminals.

The US has chosen to be a criminal organization that does not deserve to be the world’s leader, and it is reaping that particular whirlwind. At the same time, China has been improving despite the unwillingness of some Americans to believe the evidence. This latest test of a defense system against missiles is more proof.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

This from someone who believes North Korea should be given 120 nukes. Should nuke the US, all so China’s neighbors will ‘Tow the China Line’.

You underestimate both the country you hate and all the ‘little countries’ of the asia-pacific, who you obviously have disdain for also.

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