Comprehensive immigration plan coming this week: McCain

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Doc62 wrote:

I, a democrat agree with McCain. Let’s turn a negative(11 mil. illegal immigrants) into a positive(citizens/visas). They can get good jobs, work hard, send their kids to collrge, gain benefits, pay taxes and vote. Documentation and secure borders will reduce cartel traffic. No more lines of very sick illegals at our ER’s. They can get regular primary healthcare, which will drop acute ER illness visits and hospital stays WAY down. Republicans will love the tax savings(billions).
This could be a defining moment in bipartisanship? Let’s rebuild America!

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Why we didn’t have a Guest Worker Program established over 30 years ago is beyond me, as I see that as at least one sensible solution. We obviously need the labor, and a GWP would allow us to not only keep legal track of the millions who come across, it would allow those millions to temporarily work and live here without paranoia and fear of deportation.

But over my dead body will DC grant another amnesty to over 11 million illegal immigrants, as that will just encourage more millions to come, radically altering the cultural fabric of the United States without the consent of the people, once again.

And don’t call me a “racist”, as Hispanics are not a “race”, they are an ethnicity, and if millions of Brits and Germans were landing illegally on our shores, I would be equally irate about it. So don’t go there, bleeding hearts.

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LS99 wrote:

“We are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours, for a variety of reasons, and we’ve got to understand that,” he said…..
Sir are you doing this reform , because the people and this country need it , or simplly because you lost the Hispanic votes already and your Party needs them in these votes in next election?

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sjfella wrote:

It’s all about votes. Period. End of story.

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SanPa wrote:

I’m a naturalized citizen, and came to the US via the lengthy but legal process. If illegal immigrants are to be rewarded with a path to citizenship, I should like to be compensated for the 7 year wait for an entry visa. And, since I was ineligible for a state-sponsored scholarship in my day, I would like reimbursement via a state Dream Act scholarship, with interest.

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billpr wrote:

LS99.. What do you think??

SanPa..Happy that you’re a “naturalized citizen”, but your attitude sucks.. If you bought an item two weeks ago that is now on sale for half price, you can’t get the better deal.. Thats just the way life works..

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TheNewWorld wrote:

The last time we had a serious push for immigration reform, the Democrats blocked it so that G.W. Bush and the Republicans couldn’t take credit for it. Lets see if the GOP returns the favor.

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Galactus9999 wrote:

No Amnesty. No Pathway to US Citizenship. We need a Federal Government that will do its job and enforce immigration laws. Deport the illegal aliens, secure the border and fine anyone who hires an illegal alien.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Unemployment is 7.6%. We don’t have the jobs for 11 million illegals. There is a reason immigration laws exist, and it is primarily to keep criminals (which every illegal immigrant is) out, and to manage our unemployment rate. Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegals. It just increased the ammount of illegals coming to the country.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I get your sentiment. I agree. The GOP and the DNC are climbing all over each other to get the hispanic vote and they are selling Americans and legal immigrants out in order to do so.

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WiseOldElf wrote:

How is it that all the noises emanating from Washington on immigration reform only talk about making things easier for illegals. Doesn’t anyone care about the legal immigrants? Their path to citizenship is so long, and costs so much in time and lawyers’ fees! If this reform is really about making America competitive, I would expect the starting point to be the long-suffering highly skilled immigrants that have borne their cross in silence for so long. Just saying…..

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ibelieveingod wrote:

Each one has its own thoughts and opion of certain situations. All we need to do is to have an open hand and mind to those who are in need. We should not be greedy to ourselves. Share what we have for it will return a million folds. Most of us are worried about unemployment, the problem, people are blaming other people (undocumented, foreign workers etc) for their own fault. Why could you not find jobs it is because you are not qualified. You didn’t work hard for it that’s why you were fired from your work. Having more people here in the States doesn’t mean loosing your job. Infact, the economy will grow because money will come in from other countries. People will spend money to buy food, clothing, rent, buy houses and etc. I don’t see any negative in this matter rather it will be america’s benefit. 3Million undocumented will pay processing fees and others to be legalized equals gazillions of dollars to America. Who will benefit? Answer: Citizens of America who are having a lot of benefits. Am I correct? So, why complain? If America doesn’t have funds to give benefits to citizens, will you, citizens be happy? If, this will be granted, Both ways benefited…
What I disagree is why illegal be the first to be legallized than those who are legal and wanting to have permanent status just like international students and skilled workers. If Canada has the student visa for work permit and permanent residency, why United States could not do the same? International Students are paying the highest money for their tuition, shouldn’t you have benefits for international students? Like one can work regardless of the degree as long as they can find employers to sponsor them? Skilled or foreign workers can work permanently. Also, what I disagree was when the dream act was granted for illegal only? Why it didn’t include those legal but doesn’t have the permanent status. Like the family of the foreign skilled workers and international students and others…. can you please see this situation, foreigners with legal papers but not permanent resident. Can you give these people the chances, too?

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USAPragmatist wrote:

@TheNewWorld….actually the Rush Limbaughs of the world made such a big stink out of it and he was able to convince his dittoheads, one of his terms, to help block it. That is what stopped it before.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


That is true. Im in South Carolina, I remember well that Lindsey Graham took a ton of heat for supporting the legislation, and Jim Demint was praised for opposing it. I don’t think there is much chance of any form of amnesty passing. Immigration reform yes, granting amnesty to illegals, no.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


That is not what happened to roofers and many other contractors. They lost their jobs because they were making $15-$20 an hour, and illegals would do it for half or less than half of that. Along with some of the low skilled jobs that you may find beneath you or meaningless, there are whole trades of decently paid labor that has evaporated due to illegal labor. Do you know what happens when you get caught if you go to Mexico or Canada and start working illegally? You are thrown in jail and then deported. This is how it works in most of the world. We have many legal ways for students to study here, and other to migrate or work here. These people decided to ignore those programs and break our laws.

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Speaker2 wrote:


They are only illegal if the law today continues to exist. If Congress changes the laws so people who did come in illegal can be granted citizenship, well that means it is no longer legal.

We have an aging population, of which a big percentage of people are in that group (baby boomers) and our birth rate is now below the population replacement rate.

Bottom-line, we need more people to come to the US. We are not going to round up and send 11-million people home. Not going to happen.

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