Senators unveil immigration reform as Hispanic influence grows

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mijomitch wrote:

Any attempt at immigration reform will be as doomed as past attempts if the economic concerns of the 100+ million impoverished people south of the border are not met. As far as border security concerned it’s as simple as negotiating treaties with Mexico and having reciprocal visas.
The drug wars also need to stop. They are creating a continent of terror.

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reuterssucks1 wrote:

Of course. DO it as fast as you can so none of the geniuses that run this congress will be able to read the law.
Congress (and a lot of state legislatoures, too) have real reason to fear the people. ANd they do not want the people making trouble while they tell us all how to f*ing live.

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i know i’m skeptical but it just seems like a desperate attempt to gain a little positive pr and appeal to a huge demographic that they’ve ignored except for their persecution of latinos.
watch out for that smooth talking marco rubio; he’s got the ego and ambition to move on up in national politics.

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Mott wrote:

Local cheap labor + political points come at the cost of squeezing the middle class resulting in loss of jobs at high-end and social burden and increased local taxes at the low-end.

How desparate these self-centered are.

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AlaskanDude wrote:

Democrats need to keep adding to their numbers. Obama had the motto changed at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. It now says:
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning for SOMETHING FREE.”

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CountryPride wrote:

What kind of country has this come where our elected leaders pander to and reward foreign criminals and rob the American taxpayer to do so? We have had 7 mass amnesties since 1986 and not one has worked and this one won’t work either. The only government action that ever worked in favor of the American people was from President Dwight E. in the 1950′s which was responsible for mass deporting millions of illegals. Now we are hearing the statistics that if these millions of illegals are allowed to become citizens through this they will still probably work under the table and not pay taxes but now will be able to get on medicaid, welfare and be able to vote! American lose again and are beholden to foreign and domestic enemies once again!

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Galactus9999 wrote:

No Amnesty. No Pathway for US Citizenship for illegal aliens. We need a Federal Government that will enforce our immigration laws. Deport all illegal aliens, secure the border and change the law so that anyone who hires an illegal alien should pay the cost of deporting the illegal alien.

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AdamSmith wrote:

Immigration is destroying the American middle class.

Labor, like any economic resource, obeys the law of supply and demand. If you dumb labor into a market, it drives down the wage-rate.

The plain fact is that immigration into any modern country has two serious, lethal effects on the native-born citizens:
1. Immigration sharply drives down wage rates.
2. Immigration sharply drives up housing costs (rent rates).

Thus employers and landlords benefit from immigration.
Thus common workers are greatly harmed by immigration.

Immigration over the past 12 years caused more destruction of the American middle class than any other factor.

All other nations in the world, COMBINED, do not allow the levels of immigration that America is experiencing. It is the largest movement of human beings in the history of the world.

America’s leaders are criminals for allowing it to happen. And that includes the current senators and President. They are both owned by the wealthy class and multinational corporations.

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Wassup wrote:

SAD DAY FOR AMERICA: Senate sells out enacted laws whereby immigrants had to earn their citizenship. These so called legislator are not representative of America’s citizens who were actually born here or have gone through the lawful proceedures to become Americans. Under the veil of political expediency, they stand to gain hundreds of thousands of voters if this bill is passed. Schumer in New York, Rubio in Florida and McCain in Arizona, all overrun with illegals. I’m ashamed to think that these Senators actually were elected to represent their constituency which is a joke unto itself.

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Speaker2 wrote:

Same old right wing comments here. Guys, if you were right, your party would have won the election. You have 11 million undocumented people here, we are not going to round them up and deport them. We don’t live in a police state.

Get over it, and embrace the idea of giving them citizenship. Coming from the construction industry undocumented works are paid the same wages as citizens and they pay taxes, they do not drive down wages because in many cases they do work most Americans won’t do.

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medic wrote:

Who are the immigrants? Maybe it’s a non-violent invasion taking back a land their ancestors once owned.

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Bunker555 wrote:

Why don’t they just grant blanket amnesty like Reagan did?

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PenRumi wrote:

Any immigration reform must take into consideration the danger posed by extremists who are illegal aliens and currently living in the country under the radar. These extremists when they manage to obtain legal status will openly promote their agenda as they have done it in Britain and Europe where many disgruntled youths there have been converted to the jihadist movement.

In the United States, the extremists are determined to impose ‘sharia’ law on the United States. Sensing danger from these extremists, the state of Oklahoma passed a constitutional amendment in 2010 making it illegal to for judges to consider ‘sharia’ law.

2013 is different from 1986 when the last major immigration reform was implemented. The situation has become far dangerous and the stakes are high with regard to security.

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PenRumi wrote:

@medic: “Who are the immigrants? Maybe it’s a non-violent invasion taking back a land their ancestors once owned.”

Question to @medic:

When did Native Americans started speaking Spanish? After Columbus landed on the American continent in 1492?

Before 1492, Native Americans spoke Swahili? Maybe Mandarin? LOL!

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KurierRadek wrote:

Immigration is a LEGAL process. Please do not confuse this term with the illegality of those who choose to cross our borders without the proper documenatation, without going through the legal process, without regard or concern to America’s rule of law. Illegal alien invaders is the correct terminology for these malcontents. SECURE THE BORDERS AT ALL COST. NO AMNESTY!

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Mott wrote:

This initiative squarely serves the 1% in providing cheap labor at both high-end (via doubling of high-tech immigrant quotas) and low-end (11M immigrant authorizations) at the expense of 99% harboring the educational/social/medical/resultant-local-unemployment costs and the cost of wave of dependents this community will bring. The tax contribution of this community pales in comparison with the cost they pass to the public. Bad measure.

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redmerlot wrote:

The devil is in the details. If they are going to make illegals pay a fine, and put them on probationary status, whereby they must go through the formal immigration process “within some period of time”, fine. But wait and see what the particulars are on that “fine” and that “probationary period.”

What about access to social services and health care? If those are made unavailable to illegals, fine.

This plan will only work if illegals are essentially living here as second-class citizens for a while: paying a stiff fine, no welfare or social services, and be required to earn citizenship, say, within 3 years. They are allowed to stay; they won’t be arrested, harrassed, or deported. That is more than enough “benefit” for somebody who should not be here in the first place.

If the penalties are slight, then this “plan” is indeed nothing by amnesty in sheep’s clothing and it will be a disaster – a green light for illegals to swarm in because nothing really bad will happen to them.

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