China says concerned by Japan's move to boost military

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Janeallen wrote:

Japan deliberately worships Nazi war criminals in Shinto monastery, then whitewash it on NHK by showing deliberately misleading documentary of Buddhist monastery ceremonies ( a different religion) and mislead American viewers that its warmongering on China, is merely paying respect to ancestors, friends and foes.

Japan knows how to plug into the pre-existing biases and prejudices that most westerners have

Then Japan bribes, harass voices of conscience, defames, hacks computers, to subvert American democratic voice.

Of course China has to be concerned.

Those who differ are either too steep into the Japanese propaganda, and bribed by the fake superiority complexes with the false superiority complexes that Japan endows with its superb “kiss-assing” techniques since over 1000 years ago.

The root, the history of the western adoration of Japanese culture is obscene racism that Japan and all its citizens, as well as the United States of America, we Americans, Clinton, Obama, should apologize to the Chinese people for– not to the Chinese Government, but to its people.

China, on the other hand, benefits nothing from worrying. The best strategy to deal with Japan is to speed up its respect for fundamental human rights of its citizens.
China has to decide: do you trust Japan or your own people more? The answer is: of course, your own people.

The promise to fight corruption is not showing up in substance. The delay of Bo’s trial indicates that there is no independence between the judiciary and the executive or the military/law enforcement branches. The whole trial is a charade, just like the Japanese careful manicure of its image to feign a peaceful, mature demeanor. Both are atrocious. And the Chinese people are the ones who suffer, from both China, and from the lingering manipulation of Japanese politicians, media, Reuters Japan, and western reporters.

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Abulafiah wrote:

Free_Pacific wrote:
” A stronger Japanese military helps Peace and stability from my perspective, plus the perspective of almost every country in the Asia-Pacific.”

Absolutely. Recent history – Tibet, Paracels, multiple current Chines land-grabs – show that China preys on the weak. If Japan and the rest of SEA don’t build up their defence they could become the next victim.

In SEA in its current state, any country that fails to look at their defensive capabilities would be very naive indeed.

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fyus wrote:

China has a longer memory about history than others and is more alert to Nazism in the area which could potentially lead the area into another massive diaster as Japan did in the last centurry. In a sense, this is China’s responsibility when China returns to the position that it has held for thousands of years, i.e., the center and commander of the east Asia order.

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fyus wrote:

This world speaks on power.

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fyus wrote:

Fighting with Japan’s militarilism and neo-nazism is the common responsibility of all Asian countries. China will take on this mission.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

“We hope that Japan pursues a path of peaceful development, respects the concerns of countries in the region, take history as a mirror and does more to benefit regional peace and stability,” Hong Lei.

Japan HAS’developed’ peacefully since defeat in 1945. We dont all have a chip on our shoulder Like China. A stronger Japanese military helps Peace and stability from my perspective, plus the perspective of almost every country in the Asia-Pacific. In another article, China says Japan’s military build up bothers it’s neighbors. WRONG, it only bothers one neighbor and that is China. Meanwhile, China continues to steal threaten and bully ALL of it’s neighbors, bar North Korea.

What wonderland of unicorns and pixies are these Chinese officials living in? They think the people of the Asia-Pacific will buy this rubbish? Hong Lei needs to tell all this to himself, with China as his focus and stop the propoganda.

Reuters. Can you please email me and explain why this is in breach of your posting policy?

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