Wall Street surges to five-year highs; Dow ends above 14,000

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Harry079 wrote:

“as jobs and manufacturing data pointed to a stronger U.S. economy.”

Where would it be pointing without the $85 billion a month Fed pumping?

Due South?

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mikemm wrote:

The stock market has historically peformed better under Democratic presidents. This time is no exception. It sounds counter-intuitive to many people, but it never the less tends to be true.

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or Nobel prize-winning economist to know there is a total disconnect between the economy and the stock market. One no longer has anything to do with the other, quite obviously. The dynamics of the market have completely changed. I agree with the ‘experts’ who say the market surge just reflects the movement of all the cash that has been sitting on the sidelines. The rise in the market can be explained in very narrow terms. In the meantime, we had a economic contractionand unemployment is up. It makes sense to make a buck while you can, but it is essential you understand the reasons for this rally.

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Harry079 wrote:


I agree the stock market used to be a reflection of the economy now it’s a Fed manipulated ponzi scheme.

The intent of the Fed with low interest rates was to drive money from the bonds and fixed income markets in the equity markets. This money is just now showing up in the volumes that they had hoped for 2 years ago. The people that invest in the stock market today are going to get hosed before the end of this quarter or the next one.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:


Re-read the article please. The market is approaching 5 year highs. Meaning when we had Bush as president and a Republican controlled congress, the market was higher.

Also we had unemployment at 5% and positive economic growth for 52 months in a row. And of course we had a budget deficit that was dropping every year (down to 161 billion for the last Republican budget).

But the the democrats took controll in 2007 and, well, we all know which direction we were going from there.

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Obama is an economic genius.

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xyz2055 wrote:

upyourssideways..you couldn’t be more wrong. The market is made up of companies that post quarterly earnings as well as profit and loss statements. I’ve been fully engaged in the market for the past 12 to 18 months. Did extremely well in 2012. Bonds are tapped out and gold will eventually do it’s disappearing act. But I do laugh when I see what analysts are doing to Apple and Facebook. Most profitable company on the planet takes a beating while the dog with fleas and a 75 forward PE has been rising. Short FB every time it comes up with earnings statements and you’ll make a killing. With $140B in cash..Apple has no place to go but up and Facebook has no place to go but down.

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xyz2055 wrote:

somethingstinks..now there’s a class handle. Exactly the phrase I’d like to be associated with.

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boonteetan wrote:

Unemployment rate is rising, so are national debt and fiscal deficit. House-sale is lethargic, business sluggish. Yet Dow crosses 14k for the first time since 2007 just because of the increase in car sale lately. Too much cash around? Speculation on the run? Something is amiss, watch out. (vzc1943, ttm1943)

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