Boy Scouts of America may end ban on gays

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jasonbrann wrote:

an organization that dresses in scarves and short shorts is considering letting gay people join. fascinating.

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americanguy wrote:

They need to let girls in the boy scouts so straights can have some fun too.

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americanguy wrote:

“In my bunch, one of my nicest, smartest Eagles came out gay in college.”
Typical gay propaganda. Gays are always “nicer, smarter, and better”
“than the gay bashers that are going to post on this story.”

Well that sure explains this:

“The Boy Scouts of America organization has been ordered to release its fiercely protected “perversion files,” which contain information about thousands of instances where trusted BSA adult leaders and other scouts victimized children involved in scouting.”
Then call me a gay basher, because I don’t think boys join the scouts to be sexually assaulted by gay males.
And yea, if a male molests a male, he is gay. The “pedophile is not gay” propaganda is idiotic.

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Loucleve wrote:

Geez, when are all the leftists and homosexual backers going to go after the Muslims for their anti-gay hatred?

In Iran they hang them. Dont hear much about that now, do we.

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EmberMike wrote:

Well it’s about time. Glad to see this change in policy.

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USA4 wrote:

instead of trying to impose their beliefs on other groups, why don’t the activists form their own scouting group. they can have whatever activities, outfits and customs they choose. parents can then decide which one they would prefer to have their children participate in. of course we all know that that freedom isn’t enough for the ‘activists’ because their way of life and ideals is not what the vast majority of the country wants, and their new scouting group would have very few members. it is absurd that ‘activists’ have any say in changing the policies of another organization that people can freely choose to join or not- if you are an ‘activist’ and you don’t like the boy scouts program, go create your own.

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MKM23 wrote:


In Iran they also hang you for openly criticizing your government. Do you have anything else to say?

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BlakeC wrote:

How about gay folks start their own scouts and ban straight people from joining. I could just imagine the outrage that would cause. Gay folks are people first, gay second. What is the big deal?

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sgreco1970 wrote:

USA4 wrote:
instead of trying to impose their beliefs on other groups, why don’t the activists form their own scouting group.

Well, “trying to impose their beliefs on other groups” is precisely what the BSA is doing when they ban gays. Not every member of the BSA is anti-gay, or even christian, yet all troops must adhere to their bigotry?

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statelydigger wrote:

The national organization of BSA has threatened local scouting entities with losing charters if they enacted policies that didn’t match national decrees. The national organization needs to issue non-discrimination policies inclusive of sexual orientation and then enforce those as has been the policy. Now they choose to say the national policy will change but affiliates can do what they want. Poor leadership. The battle will continue.

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sgreco1970 wrote:

USA4 wrote:
instead of trying to impose their beliefs on other groups, why don’t the activists form their own scouting group.

Well, “trying to impose their beliefs on other groups” is precisely what the BSA is doing when they ban gays. Not every member of the BSA is anti-gay, or even christian, yet all troops must adhere to their bigotry?

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borisjimbo wrote:

I can see Scalia’s neck veins bulging right now.

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chris8765412 wrote:

If the BSA starts allowing gays, it’s one more step toward their proof “gay” is not an abnormal anomally, though it will be difficult to pass the “reproduce by natural means” test. Now I’m wondering what scout troop a transgender could join… they are next in line.

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chris8765412 wrote:

to americanguy: You are right. The BSA is clearly discriminating against females. How could anyone not have brought this up until now… the VERY name “BOY Scouts of America” proves discrimination.

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Azza9 wrote:

Hmm… This could turn out well for equality or it could turn out horribly…

I’m not exactly on the same bandwagon as USA4 and BlakeC But I agree with their prescription of just forming another better group that is truly inclusive (easier said then done though).

Personally I think any organisation banning homosexuals from anything is outdated and irredeemably bigoted. But you do know rallying for “equal” rights in this case is no better then your average brain-dead bible belt fundie “cramming” their religion “down your throat”. Rallies like this only deem to cause resentment between two parties that really need to be forming a rapport.
Both sides of this argument seems very very defensive and equally irrational. The gay rights activists need to understand that most theists GENUINELY think “sodomy” is evil. This belief is not always motivated by hate, it’s mostly driven by ignorance. The hateful you can never ever change, but the ignorant have a chance to see reason. But you wont do that by being combative with every theist you see spouting nonsense.

Hopefully for the sake of equal rights everywhere the scouts decision bears fruit.

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kevin2ia wrote:

The leadership must choose what they think is best, however they do put themselves on a path to extinction, time of this extinction is the only unknown. Without the support of church organizations, they will wither and cease to exist, this is a certainty.

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lastcamp2 wrote:

“”The policy change under discussion would allow the religious, civic or educational organizations that oversee and deliver Scouting to determine how to address this issue,” spokesman Deron Smith said ”

It is not enough to “…allow…organizations…to determine how to address this issue…”

Either you reject bigotry, or you accept it. What is so hard to understand about that?

On a similar vein, I have boycotted the local United Way for decades because they refuse to stand against BSA and their bigotry.

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npanzer wrote:

I dont know why does anyone have to be banned. what is the big deal of letting gays to join?
the other ridiculous stuff is that I still cant believe they separate boys from girls. this looks like those old internal school for boys. most countries around the world have mixed troops.

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Right you are, there is absolutely no reason to separate people from one another. The Scout organisation is supposed to be democratic, teach each of us to be good citizens who are aware of our rights and obligations. It is there to let us get to know other people, from other places and with different experiences.
Even if BSA have their excluding rules, every time they send scouts on international camps, each country send scouts according to their own beliefs. At least in Sweden we don’t have those restrictions, not concerning sexual orientation (although discrimination does happen even here) och gender. In the Swedish scout organisation we are all scouts, we all learn the same things, camp together and are allowed to be individuals. It’s only when we go to camps in some other countries are normal freedoms are sometimes more limited. “Don’t hug!” “Don’t do this and that!” “You can’t wear that!”.
And if things haven’t changed substantially since I attended a year of High School in the states, the same thoughts apply in school. Before I came to the US I never considered PDA (Public Display of Affection) to be something that could be offensive, at least not as far as hugging and holding hands go.
I just hope the American scouts will gather their strength and lead the American society into a more democratic future. Many times scouts from all over the world are proud of their counterparts in areas of war and turmoil, where the scouts do important things to help their society. This is an opportunity for the American scouts to do the same. You pride yourselves in living in a democratic country, it can become more true. Equal rights to choose for yourself, not that everything needs to be the same, but you should have the opportunity to choose for your self. You should get to do what you want with your own life, as long as this does not harm people around you.
And just because someone happens to be interested in others of the same gender, does not mean that he or she falls in love with everyone of that sex. We are all individuals, we all make good choices as well as bad, we are all surrounded by other people who are much like us at the same time as they differ.
This summer there will be a big camp in Canada, there will be loads of scouts: men, women, with different beliefs, varying sexual orientation, and of different nationalities. It will be an international city of tents, full of friends, the ones you already know and the ones yet to meet.

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LSKfromPA wrote:

This will be a sad day for the Boy Scouts. They have had a tradition of standing for positive moral values. Too many organizations – even churches – are abandoning the Christian foundations upon which thy were established.

When young boys are accepted into Boy Scout troops, it is irrelevant and inappropriate to ask their sexual orientation. They are all God’s children. The majority are sexually inactive, and such behavior is the farthest thing from their minds at this time, as it should be. It is good for all boys to have the opportunity to belong to a group that fosters a moral conscience and chaste living. The Girl Scouts have already dropped that ball.

I would hope and pray that the Boy Scouts will NEVER allow troop leaders who live in sinful homosexual OR HETEROSEXUAL relationships. The Scouts should NEVER put themselves in a position to appear to condone or validate such conduct.

Our country is in a state of moral decline. We need groups like the Boy Scouts to show courage and retain their moral standards. They have already won this fight in the Courts. They should not give in to the pressures of an anti-Christian sentiment that has become too prevalent in our modern culture.

You know their moral policies. If you disagree, form your own organization instead of trying to corrupt this one.

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