Insight: Apple's grip on carriers, suppliers loosens

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cachucky wrote:

All you Fanboys out there can start singing now, Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey Good By!!! LOL LOL LOL

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wthcares wrote:

I think the only choice for carriers is the payment plan, I doubt Apple will drop the prices of any iPhone. You want a cheaper iPhone?? Buy the model that was just pushed down the stack, e.g. 4S or 3GS, otherwise cough up what Apple wants regardless of which carrier you choose.

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Azza9 wrote:

I know this will sound awfully pessimistic and glib, but Apple really needs to internally acknowledge that they are fast approaching their glass ceiling. Call me cynical but incredible yearly perpetual growth is just not practically sustainable.

Unless they pioneer some new cutting edge paradigm shifting technology, they will slowly even out like Microsoft did with software.

Apple needs to focus on holding what they have already made, to use a gaming analogy; Hold the points, we have 4, we only need 3…

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Wolfie-gang wrote:

How can the dominant platform that changed all the phones be the ‘cult’? So, every manufacturer is copying and trying to catch up with the ‘cult’? That makes no sense.

This article is ridiculous, and there are just as many Windows and Android ‘fanboys’ and ‘true believers’ as anyone using Apple stuff. iPhone is pretty mainstream, easy to use, and powerful. The SamDroids aren’t there yet, which is why they advertise blowing holes in the wall, and features like bump file transfer that iPhone had 5 years ago.

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StevenN. wrote:

I have never read so many ifs, mights or could bees…

“… especially if other carriers follow the example.” – Or they don’t.

“If customers start paying the full price for an iPhone they might look for cheaper alternatives.” Or they won’t.

“If Apple’s customers and suppliers, let alone rivals, smell blood and take a much harder line in negotiations,” or there might be no real blood.

“A less powerful Apple could be welcomed by telecommunications carriers and component suppliers…”. I am sure it would be but that is not today.

“but experts say they could have more leeway in the future if Samsung and other device makers continue to grab market share.” A “could” and an “if” together… Wow.

“But that may already be changing. T-Mobile USA, a unit…” Or it might not be changing and only happen at T-Mobile.

“If subsidies are removed and payment plans widely adopted, some experts say consumers might opt for cheaper devices.”. Or subsidies will remain in place at the three largest carriers.

You can write this with a straight face just after Apple decimated Android’s market share on Verizon (iPhone captured 63% of smartphones while Android simply imploded with more unsold inventory than Verizon knows what to do with) and AT&T (iPhone captured 82% of smartphones and Android was a complete also ran). Apple just posted growing iPhone YoY daily sales by 40% (not bad if you ask me) and YoY iPad daily sales by 60% (also not bad).

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Divebus wrote:

Hmmm… At Verizon, iPhone outsold Android by 2:1 last quarter, selling more iPhones than ever before. Even though Verizon has their own branded Android phones that are pushed at everyone, 54% of sales were iPhones. At Sprint, 84% of phone sold were iPhones.

Tell me again how that means bad news for the iPhone?

Jan 29, 2013 5:52pm EST  --  Report as abuse
ebernet wrote:

I don’t understand how the pressure is on if this is the most successful quarter yet for iPhones at VZ and AT&T, with them taking over half the marketshare, and on VZ outselling their own “brand” of Androids by a 2-1 margin? How exactly does this make Verizon’s negotiations any better?

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ChKen wrote:

Bottom line is 54% of smartphones sold on Verizon were iPhones, and 84% of smartphones sold on AT&T were iPhones. There is NO “insight” here whatsoever, it’s a writer with an agenda, logic be dammed.

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zato wrote:

“A less powerful Apple could be welcomed by telecommunications carriers”

Clearly, a less powerful Apple is the intention of the Microsoft-Reuters-Bloomberg anti-Apple propagandists.

Jan 29, 2013 7:50pm EST  --  Report as abuse
tommychen wrote:

last quarter, over 50% of verizon’s smartphone sales where iPhones and over 80% for at&t. what “grip” is this guy talking about? the ball is still very much in apple’s court, at least in the united states.

Jan 30, 2013 2:54pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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