Tesla CEO extends help to Boeing on battery issue

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KeithLau wrote:

This is obviously an excess discharge of current which causes overheading internally in the battery cell. I have no information about the power output of the battery system, but instead of a common 7 cells in series (24V), 8 cells are in series (30V) to provide additional power out.

Each battery cell LVP65 has a specification of 5C (325A continuous current) and stemming from the above high power requirement, the battery cell is drawn close to 5C (325A). With this high current output, tremendous heat will develop inside the cell which increases the internal resistance of the cell. This will result of temperature runnaway and the cell will be shorted circuit. The battery management system will be unable to measure the over temperature inside the battery cell.

When one of the cell short circuit, overcharging will be applied to the other cell whent the total charging voltage unchanged. Overcharging will cause burning and melting of battery cells.

The solution: get a bigger capacity battery cell like 200Ah cell .

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indycarfan wrote:

I know I read about this being a 32V Battery.

Jan 28, 2013 11:18pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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