China appoints new Tibet governor, hardline policies to remain

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Jeanmichel wrote:

At least the liberation of Tibet in the 1950s makes more sense than the liberation of Iraq in the 2000s. For one thing, the Tibetans are truly free. They are no longer the slaves of the Dalai Lama and his clique. Secondly, the Tibetans are living much better thanks to economic development and the construction of infrastructures in Tibet, roads, railways, airports and houses. The Tibetan children are going to schools and universities.

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TenzinG1970 wrote:

You must be kidding? His Holiness is a fine man. he people of Tibet are not free. They are slaves and continue to live at the tip of a gun. Any upgrades of Lhasa are only enjoyed by the Han. The fine Tibetan will continue to suffer and die at the hands of the evil Chinese. The only hope that the Tibetan have is the downfall of the Communist by the hands of the people. Then all people in China, and other countries that are being occupied. Jean- you go and live in Tibet and suffer like all Tibetans are

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Kailim wrote:


Your His Holiness was since 1950s supported and financed by the US government covertly.

As leaked by former CIA agents, Tibetans were trained in the US and then airdropped back into Tibet to carry out guerrilla war. This sort of covert warfare should have been considered as terrorist operation by the current US government. If it is the other way round.

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gli98 wrote:

Actually, Tibetans, along with other minorities in China, have priority in employment and college entry over the Han ethnic. Considering how native Indians were treated (in fact, they are largely neglected), I think the US government should be ashamed instead.

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Abulafiah wrote:

So the Chinese oppression of Tibet will continue? No surprises there.

The bottom line here: Tibet does not want to be ruled by China. Tibet did not invite the Chinese into their country. China took Tibet by force and enforces Chinese rule with violence.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

The people of Tibet are now free from themselves? Typical nationalist rhetoric. Go on, tell us how Chinese colonialism ‘brings development’. You know, the same fallacy the European powers tried to use to cover their colonial empires. It is as false now for China as it was then for Europe.

China’s answer to people protesting repression… MORE REPRESSION!! After all, it’s the only way to try and snuff out national identity and culture. The problem is for China, it is not working. So only mass migration to change the demographics will work now, as we can see in Chinese policy.

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