White House on offensive to get Hagel as defense secretary

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4ngry4merican wrote:

“At least three, including the panel’s top Republican, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, said they would oppose Hagel even before hearing his testimony.”
Of course they will. They don’t care about anything except opposing anything and everything Obama does. Calling a hearing with these whining idiots a “murder board” is grossly exaggerating its significance.
“Some Republicans view Hagel as a traitor for questioning the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq War, which he initially supported.”
That one sentence tells you all you need to know about the Republicans on this panel. You’d have to be a complete and utter moron NOT to question Bush’s handling of the Iraq war.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

And what is wrong about talking about the Jewish lobby in Washington?

It is a fact and in a democracy you are objective about who or what is influencing our politics. There is a tremendous carbon credits lobby and also tremendous lobbying for opening up work visas for highly educated foreign resources.

I just do not understand why Israel lobbying is not discussed openly in Washington. Just by the fact it is not – there is a red flag that something is very wrong with the USA Israeli relationship.

This can of secrets needs to be opened to see what is being kept in secret closets. Is it kick backs or dark secrets on joint world sabotages or financial pressure from relationships?

All the more reason to nominate Hagel who is not shy to ask candid question in Washington.

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

Why are gay rights groups wasting their capital battling a Defense Secretary nomination? Have their battles all been fought and won, reducing them to simply picking nits?

Nah, this is completely about his unwillingness to bend over for Israel. I bet if you look behind those ‘gay-rights groups’ you’d find a few rich Zionists.

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flashrooster wrote:

The reasons Republicans are giving for opposing Hagel sound to me more like reasons Hagel must be confirmed. Questioned Bush’s handling of the Iraq War? Daring to state that he wasn’t elected to represent Israel? Confirm Hagel already. It’s the people who DIDN’T question Bush’s handling of the Iraq War and those who DON’T voice their independence of Israel who shouldn’t be serving in our government.

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americanguy wrote:

President Obama needs to find an ultra right wing imperialist Christianist war monger as SOD, then the Republicans will fall all over themselves to approve the nominee. Can Obama apppoint Cheney? He is great at starting wars and getting Americans killed. I think one important criteria according to the Republicans, is that the Secretary of Defense cannot have served in combat or been wounded. For the best chance, the SOD should never have served in the military and avoided the draft and military service during Vietnam for some ridiculous bogus reason. Republicans love that.

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

flashrooster – Voicing independence from Israel is nice, but considering that as of Jan 2012, 13 Senators and 27 Congresscritters were Israeli (dual) citizens, it makes him a hard sell. You either work for the greater good of Israel, or you don’t belong in Washington.

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flashrooster wrote:

Jameson4Lunch: We shall see. I say the guy gets confirmed. This is just another reason the US needs to go to a publicly financed election system, so lobbying groups can no longer buy our government.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

If Hagel doesn’t get confirmed the GOP can kiss the veteran vote good-by. Trust me, we are going to remember this.

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