Exclusive: CIA nominee had detailed knowledge of "enhanced interrogation techniques"

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sylvan wrote:

It is a massive failure of journalism to not state that Brennan’s multiple layers of bosses all the way up to, and including the President, went way out of their way to invent a legal framework to allow torture and waterboarding; so if Brennan is guilty of not quitting over it, then Bush and Cheney should be indicted for authorizing the torture. To hold someone in the chain of information responsible for the reprehensible crimes against humanity of the Bush/Cheney fiasco, but not the evil masterminds, is the height of hypocrisy and delusional reasoning. And if other CIA dudes don’t remember Brennan voicing his objections, maybe it is because he only objected to his managers as would be expected from a professional in national security business. What is wrong with journalists today? Is it because they don’t won’t anger the rich plutocracy by outing Bush II as a war criminal? In capable of making obvious connections or reporting on the elephant in the room? Everyone on the planet knows Bush was a war criminal whether it is printed here or not, and to make Brennan be the one to pay the price is evil and ludicrous, so of course that will be the GOP way. Many of the Senators whining about Brennan knew and approved of torture, as well.

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tbro wrote:

Well stated Sylvan, and don’t forget the outing of Valerie Plame by Cheney’s office, which adds treason to the crimes you list undertaken by these so called neo-con patriots.

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ntrim wrote:

While we are cleaning out our own nest of war criminals, let’s not forget Henry “Napalm” Kessinger. His secret attacks on Cambodia, his involvment in countless asassinations, his illegal bombings of civilian targets in Vietnam and Cambodia make him one of the biggest war criminals in history.

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Globalman wrote:

Good he is experienced.

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SpeaktheTruth wrote:

Isn’t this the same guy who said Islam is not terror…

That there is no war on terror….

That Jihad just means a struggle…

And that the Muslim Brotherhood is largely secular?

Or was that another terrorist loving Obama official?

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HappyG wrote:

Surprised? Normal Americans aren’t surprised at all…for months the American people have been force fed proaganda via the long arm of this administration…Anyone care to tell me how adding 20 million low sklled illegals to our workforce is going to help employ/empower Americans? Didn’t think so…we are under attack from within and they are aided by an all too willing media.

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HappyG wrote:

tbro, despite your insistence to remain uniformed, Cheny did not out Valerie Plame.

tbro wrote:

Well stated Sylvan, and don’t forget the outing of Valerie Plame by Cheney’s office, which adds treason to the crimes you list undertaken by these so called neo-con patriots.

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HappyG wrote:

Sylvan, surely you’d include Bill Clinton on your list of obvious war criminals..and his use of rendition to countries where torture was the norm is well documented…You need to complete your list, and don’t forget Obama the Peace Prize winner with a self imposed ‘license to kill’…

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VultureTX wrote:

Plame was outed by Armitrage who worked for Powell. You can only be outed once.

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AZsparrow wrote:

Don’t forget this is the guy that also convinced everybody in the Bush administration there were WMDs in Iraq too. He was the head of the DoD agency for all the satellite surveillance/photos identifying them as such, and then later said they were moved to Syria during the invasion.

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I fully appreciate that “enhanced” methods of information acquisition are harsh, inhumane, and when wrongly applied, deadly. However, the timely gathering of quality intell is vital to success and lives of many who are in the field. If we demand answers, retribution, and preventative measures be enacted then sometimes it must be done. The question is really, do we want to do a bit of evil to prevent an even greater one? Or conversely, do we want to do a bit of evil so we can do a greater good?

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Exclusive: CIA nominee had detailed knowledge of “enhanced interrogation techniques”

Least we forget, so did Nancy Pelosi.

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dencal26 wrote:

If he approved of waterboarding the terrorist maggots he deserves the Medal of Freedom.

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dencal26 wrote:

Funny how you wackos want Cheney charged with Treason for defending our nation while Obama is sending 16 F16 fighters for free to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

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SoCalJeanne wrote:

If Kerry can breeze through without so much as a question about his deplorable conduct and statements on the military, it is hopeless.

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ounceoflogic wrote:

Everything is filtered through a little something called the Democrat Double Standard (DDS).

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TheNewWorld wrote:


So waterboarding is a crime against humanity, but bombing our own citizens without a trial and killing them is fine with you? Do you agree with Obama’s use of Drones, and his strengthening of the Patriot Act? Do you agree that he has the right to determine who is a terrorist, and execute them without a trial as he sees fit? Or are you consistant with your criticisms and see Bush and Obama as both war criminals?

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Azza9 wrote:

As barbaric as torture is, do you pacifists have any other ideas that can extract intel from a enemy that hate your guts, skin and the very air that you breath out? We don’t live in a sci-fi world were we can use a machine or trained personnel to painlessly read their minds… So we have to coax it out with realistic “methods”. (even mind reading would have it’s ethical pitfalls, no matter how painless)

If they are a confirmed enemy with sensitive knowledge and then found themselves to be captured then they should know the score. You can’t spill beans without first prying open the can… I’m sure if they divulge intel quickly and without resistance they would avoid further torture or even avoid it all together. It’s not like your military’s torturing people for kicks. The US has it’s evil streak but they are far from monsters… Historically the US is a little (just a teensy) bit pansy (despite “winning” both world wars for the world /sarcasm)…

If you want your soldiers to have the edge they need to live and fight and avoid dying. Interrogation is an effective yet unsavoury tool in your repertoire that achieves this.

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