Japanese airlines had 787 battery issues before recent incidents

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Handbook wrote:

By the time the FAA finishes it’s report, Boeing will be out of business. We are talking “government bureaucrats”. These are the same guys that approved the batteries. The only thing they do correctly and quickly is call in sick and retire early.

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unionwv wrote:

Lithium-ion batteries produce extremely corrosive smoke when they burn. Those aircraft which have had a burning lithium-ion battery aboard need to be inspected beyond the circuitry ancillary to the battery. Other avionic components could eventually corrode and fail.

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Harry079 wrote:

“point to reliability issues with the batteries long before a battery caught fire”

WHY is this just coming out now?

In other words JAL was HIDING problems with the batteries all along.

I suspected there had to be problems long before these incidents happened.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

The talking heads at the top of our corporations are without skill or ability. However, we are americans, we admire the dishonest person that steals a living. We think the cheat who gets away with it is the smart person to be admired. This battery problem has many simple engineering solutions and Boeing was just too stupid to fix it. You can whine about the useless bureaucrats, but the problems are due to lack of skill on the part of another bloated and stupid management chain in a large and lethargic publicly traded corporation. We like the morons who look good in suits and speak to the camera well. Thoughts, we don’t need no stinkin thoughts.

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The problem is the Boeing used to use American and Canadian parts and safety was number one and now they use parts from anywhere they can be made cheaply. Do not harm and safety first are no longer the slogans for any company … even aviation companies. $$$$$$ and greed are number one. Ask Boeing employees (well those that are left) how much flying they do, knowing how badly they are made.

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Typical Japanese hiding issues instead of reporting.

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WJL wrote:

It is all rather worrying. Incompetence, nepotism, cover ups, etc.

Jan 30, 2013 5:22pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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