City officials probed for negligence over Brazil nightclub fire

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cirrus7 wrote:

“Police say the blaze at the Boate Kiss club in Santa Maria, in southern Brazil, spread within seconds after a flare ignited during a pyrotechnics performance appeared to set the ceiling on fire.”

The ceiling has not yet been declared to be extremely flammable sound insulution, not suitable for any occupied building.
Why not?
Is it possible that the officials in Santa Maria have no clue as to the difference in flammability between what was used and what should have been used (much more expensive)?

There are two main fire ratings involved with ceiling tiles. The first is based on Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Test No. 723, and is called the Surface Burning Characteristics Rating, or Flame Spread Rating. This rating determines how a building material is going to react in a fire. A good rating (Class A or Class 1) in this test means the material is almost entirely non-flammable (doesn’t burn easily). A bad rating means the material is highly flammable, and should not be used as an interior finish or building component. Most, if not all, counties in the US require a Class A rating for any interior finish or building component.

The second fire rating is called the Fire Barrier Rating. This rating utilizes American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Test E-119, and identifies the length of time an entire ceiling assembly will resist and prevent the spread of a fire. While a ceiling tile alone cannot truly be rated with its own Fire Barrier Rating, it is usually classified with the rating that it CAN achieve when used in a ceiling assembly that collectively has that same rating. For example, if a ceiling tile is given a Fire Barrier Rating of 2 hours, it is meant for use in a full ceiling assembly that also has a 2 hour Fire Barrier Rating.”

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Marcos989 wrote:

How is it possible any business does not have an auxiliary emergency exit in case of fire much less a darkened night-club with lots of people inside?

Are the regulations there that primitive?

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Mr.Tubarc wrote:

‘NULL VOTE IN THE NEXT 236 YEARS’ – ‘each year for each soul wasted’. A challenge suggested by ‘Tubarc’ a PhD scientist thrown in the trash in a similar way like those college students. For justice we need to make Brazil the country of NULL VOTE so the international community understand our suffering, disappointment, and regret about the government we have. The vote is mandatory, so we intend to cancel our votes to show we reject a fake, expensive, inefficient, and corrupt democracy that constantly fails management on public affairs that hurts in the core our human dignity. It is launched this challenge to make SANTA MARIA and KISS NIGHTCLUB the center of change in Brazil revealing our creativity and resolve to make ends meet. If we are so talented on soccer, samba, and carnival, together we can be also the democratic country of NULL VOTE. We need to use this tragedy honoring those erased so vainly as a power for changes and making it happen for the good of us all.

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