No sense of crisis in Congress as automatic cuts loom again

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sylvan wrote:

So now Ryan and the GOP are willing to threaten our national security in order to protect his collectivist gang of rich white old plutocratic handlers by refusing to close tax loopholes like carried interest? Seems he was more honest about his marathon time and soup kitchen volunteering than he has been about anything since. What doesn’t he understand about the fact that we collectively sent him and his droid uncle Mitt packing? More rank randanism from the pathetically immature gang of clowns in the House. What a collection of losers.

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PsychoGlory wrote:

Typical democrats there only solution for everything is just throw money at it and now it has backfired. Democrats have spent trillions of tax payers money and flushed it down the toilet, putting this country in debt that will take generations to fix. The ironic part is after taking every penny they can from tax payers and putting this country in horrible debt from democrats over spending now the democrats say they can not find anything to cut, there only solution is to cut our military defense? Democrats have fallen to a new low

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americanguy wrote:

Congress is too busy with the gun control law circus show to worry about real problems.

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SanPa wrote:

@sylvan – GOP conservatives have something in mind. Their plank favors small government, including a small a professional army. Madison called for a limit to 50K troops, with the balance of forces from citizen armies e.g. state militias.

@americanguy – The GOP plank opposed gun control, for their ambition is that citizens, not government, be the payors and repository for armaments. A federal military with large budgetary outlays for defense isn’t in their plan.

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This is exactly the problem with Gov spending. The more ships, planes, buildings, agencies, and responsibilities the Gov takes on, the more future money it always needs. They need to stop spending 100 Million on a single fighter jet. What nonsense is this, that you can keep buying these things and expect to maintain them with huge future costs. Completely irrational to spend like they are doing.

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COindependent wrote:

Let the automatic cuts happen. That way Congress and the President will be forced to prioritize spending versus the bottomless bucket they draw from now. Federal debt is increasing at a rate of $100 billion a month. $16.4 trillion by the end of May.

Perhaps it might even force the feds to look at the constitution and let the states oversee what they are chartered, and better positioned, to manage.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:

sylvan’s comment shows the true hypocrisy of liberals.

They rant and rave for decades about the bloated “military industrial complex” and when big cuts FINALLY come they rant and rave that the GOP is threatening our national security.

Sorry chump, but you can’t have it both ways.

I’m glad sequestration might finally happen. We need cuts in spending. In the past 6 years the democrat congress has increased spending to unheard of levels and we have nothing to show for it except a new mountain of debt.

The last budget deficit created by the Republican congress (2007 budget) was 161 billion and it had been trending down for several years.

The last “budget” deficit created by the democrats in 2012 was 1.327 TRILLION dollars (created via continuing resolution by the democrat senate).

The real kicker? Tax revenue was about the same from 2007 to 2012. That means the we have increased spending by over 1.2 TRILLION dollars. And what do we have to show for it?

It’s time to bring spending back down.

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USAPragmatist wrote:

And guess who just took a week off? Boehner and his house colleagues. How can they even call their positions jobs, they never work.

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