Syria protests over Israel attack, warns of "surprise"

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branchltd wrote:

The Syrian opposition now claims responsibility for the attack on the military research facility. Israel attacked trucks carrying weapons (probably anti-aircraft missiles) to Hezbollah. Although there are few reports in Western press, because of their bias, Hezbollah has expanded their presence in Syria from four 1,300 man regiments to tens of thousands of troops, including their best – their special forces.

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Harry079 wrote:

Yes it would be a “Suprise” if Syria responded to the Israeli attack on the weapons convoy.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:

In all honesty, what can Syria do at this point? They are fully engaged in this civil war and provoking further attacks from a regional powerhouse like Israel seems like a sure way to lose any hope of beating the “rebels”.

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Slammy wrote:

I like surprises but I bet this is just another one of The Cowardly Lion’s empty threats. Tomorrow the world will likely hear from the Syrian regime that Israel has been cleansed of something.

Anyone else find it odd that Syria was able to down a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft but appeared totally clueless when Israeli planes struck? Hmm… this might mean something…

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MikeBarnett wrote:

Hezbollah manufactures their own SSM’s and SAM’s in deep bunkers under southern Lebanon. These have been hardened to the point that it will take nuclear warheads to take them out. Special Forces trained Arabs and Afghans to fight the Soviets in the 1980′s, and the bunkers could not be detected by aircraft or satellites because the Russians had an air force and a space program. We taught them to take weapons apart, reverse engineer them, make their own versions, and design and build better weapons.

The point is that Hezbollah doesn’t need to import the weapons. They may be testing their new 2nd generation stealth detecting radars on Israeli aircraft and learning Israeli aerial tactics for airstrikes so they can destroy Israeli aircraft in future raids against southern Lebanon. The future may be interesting.

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BioStudies wrote:

It’s sad to see the arrogant comments on this board about so many people dying. I guess none of you sheep understand that it’s our government who supported all of this by giving loads of money to our allies who in turn funded the rebels. It’s just like what Syria and Iran do with Hezbolla and we have been doing it for DECADES yet MSM only points out when it’s the other side doing it.

This is the very definition of why war is bad. We should stop behaving like this.

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americanguy wrote:

That right Assad. Attack Israel, then Israel will wipe out your military, the rebels will take over, and you and your lap dogs will be taken out and hanged.
Real smart there, Frankenstein.
I think all dictators are high on drugs most of the time.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:


While that may be true that Hezbollah can copy Russian or American missle designs, there is a lot more that goes into a top notch weapon than just copying the blue prints.

You have to have the correct metallurgy for the missle to tolerate the extreme heat and pressure of a launch. Also the fuel must be high quality and the right proportions or the missle will either fail to lauch or explode on the pad. Finally I seriously doubt these underground bunkers have the proper machinery to build these weapons within the tolerances that are required.

They may be able to make some kind of anti aircraft missle, but it’s not going to be up to the standards of Russian SAMs.

Even a country like China is having trouble getting the metallurgy right on their fighter craft’s engines and they spend more on their military in a month than Hezbollah sees in a decade.

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Yesyes wrote:

@BioStudies Unfortunately when you have a world dominated by the five most agressive, expansionist and over-armed countries, who manipulate the world to their own selfish ends and have no qualms about sacrificing innocent lives in their power games you get these results. Everybody ends up picking a side because they become convinced one side is good while the other is evil, and it’s all a question of what “camp” they belong to. There are a lot of people here accusing China and Russia of being the bad guys, while you get people on the other side accusing Britain, France, and the USA of being the bad guys. It seems very few people stop to consider that maybe, just maybe ALL OF THEM ARE. Why is it that we allow the five countries who more than any other in history have used warfare as an instrument of policy, to have the final say in the fate of the world?

I am not speaking about the people of the countries I have mentioned but rather their governments, although there is a large nationalist element in all these countries that buy into all this nonsense completely and seem to be permanently on the warpath, some of whom comment on this board regularly to spew hate at the other side and add more fuel to the fire.

Just remember, when people spend their whole time trying to pick a fight with somebody, it’s usually because they have some unresolved personal issues that they’re not dealing with, and the “big issue” which they claim to be fighting over, is usually just a smokescreen to distract others from a personal weakness. This applies to both the extremists at the bottom who encourage or take part in the violence, and the sabre rattling politicians and religious leaders at the top who are always bringing the world to the brink of catastrophe.
If you try to imagine what these people were like as kids, then it starts to become clear why there is so much senseless death and destruction in the world

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Rocket science is not easy. Just take a look at North Korea. I very seriously doubt what you say is true.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I have no problem seeing them kill and weaken themselves. Personally I hope it lasts for decades. At least then, they can’t concentrate on killing the Jews and Christians.

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theidahokid wrote:

Israel, really doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says, they won’t pay any attention to the UN, why the US kisses their a**, cause there are so many Jews in this country (more then are in Israel) our politicians bow to them

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king9 wrote:


That is very intresting and would appreciate it you could post some links to where you getting this information.

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Yashmak wrote:

The real surprise would be if any Syrian response managed to cross the border into Israel (without being engulfed in flames).

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BrainBlow wrote:

You realize Hezbollah is sided with the GOVERNMENT in this conflict, right? They are not allied with the Syrian national coalition, nor any of the actual Mujahideen groups.
Hezbollah have all interest in seeing the Syrian government remain in control.

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Slammy wrote:

“it’s our government who supported all of this by giving loads of money to our allies who in turn funded the rebels”

Oil revenue aside, how much money has the United States given Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

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Slammy wrote:

“I have no problem seeing them kill and weaken themselves. Personally I hope it lasts for decades.”

And some people try to claim that I promote violence.

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Free_Pacific wrote:

So basically, Russia supports the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah, in violation of UN security resolutions that it itself supported.

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kommy wrote:

This attack could be well beginning of WWIII, this time West against Arabs for resources. It will be a moment before Arabs will turn against common foe- Israel.

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reverb256 wrote:

I pray that Syria will outlive the rebel terrorists, no matter what it takes.

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Fromkin wrote:

Plausible explanation about the attack: Syria has reported that it has seized israeli sophisticated weapons from rebels. Israel attcked the research site to destroy israeli, US made weapons/Recon satellites seized from these rebels. The advanced weapons were supposed to be used in rebels’failed attacks on Homs, Hama and more importantly Damascus.

Let’s dig deeper to understand the motives instead of commenting from media lies.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

@MikeyLikesIt and TheNewWorld

Rocket science would be a big problem except for the team of former Special Forces combat veterans with 30+ years of service and advanced degrees who help China, China’s allies, and allies of China’s allies. My Ph.D is in engineering with a focus on metallurgy, and the other weapons sergeant has done the same. We make engines for aerospace and defense, and we use plastics, composites, and nanotechnologies for stealth. North Korea and Iran both succeeded with thier launches. Our demolitions engineer uses his Ph.D in physics for nuclear weapons and particle beams. Our communications sergeants use their Ph.D’s in telecommunications for radars, including steath detecting radars, in addition to communications that avoid detection and interception.

Our intel sergeant took his first computer programming course in 1970, and he continues after 40 years and an advanced degree. He designed supercomputers with true 3 dimensional architecture and true 4 dimensional programming. He explains it simply. A battlefield has 3 dimensional architecture, and a battle is a 4 dimensional program. He has an irregular company in a valley and an insurgent company on a ridge to his front at 7 am, and he fires mortars, grenade launchers, machine guns, and rifles to keep the enemy’s attention. At 9 am a 2nd irregular company will land by helicopter behind the insurgents while gunships fly over his troops to strafe insurgents with mini-guns and rockets and keep the enemy’s attention on his forces. He must stop firing mortars and grenades at 8:55 to prevent hitting friendly helicopter gunships. In short, he has been thinking in 3 and 4 dimensions for 30 years without reset buttons. Mistakes don’t mean restarts, they mean death and serious injury.

The fastest US supercomputer uses two dimensional boards tied together with cables, and is 2.1 dimensional architecture and 2.01 dimensional programming. (.1 x .1 = .01) You can see a picture of “Sequoia”, the one before “Titan” in Popular Mechanics for November, 2012. The US is far behind. The US refuses to challenge Dr. Feynman’s 1959 view that there is “plenty of room at the bottom.” I respect Feynman and that paper guided US computers for 50 years, but IBM can put 1 bit of data on 1 atom and 1 byte (8 bits) on 8 atoms. The US is reaching the end. I won’t tell you the answer because it isn’t my field, and I respect my partners. However, you know that the US must find another answer to continue US computer progress.

We left the US in 1999 and moved our investments to Asia when our intel sergeant told us that US firms were lying about profits. We missed the US Dot Bomb Bubble of 2000, the US Accounting Scandal of 2002-2003, and the US Financial Scandal of 2008 to the present. Over 40,000 US technology, corporate, and financial leaders in over 1600 US corporations cheated investors in the US, in US allies, and in the entire world. The failure of the Bush and Obama regimes to prosecute more than a few crooks did not make it legal; it made the Bush and Obama regimes “accessories after the fact” to the crimes. (Look up the legal term in quotations.) The US economy remains in the hands of criminals; the Bush regime was a criminal organization; and the Obama regime is a criminal organization. US businessmen tried to steal our money after we spent a combined total of over 350 years protecting the criminals, and the criminal US regimes refused to prosecute. That is why we are helping China and its allies. We don’t necessarily care about US policies because the US is run by criminals. In addition, we don’t think US policies toward Israel help the US because they put the US in conflict with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and most of the muslim world. The US should trade with Iran; Hezbollah is Lebanon’s biggest democratically elected party; and Hamas won the 2006 election in Palestine. The US should accept other governments and trade with other countries whether Israel likes it or not. US support for Israel means endless war against 1.5 billion muslims. Our policies would help the US, but the US must suffer for its decisions because no one can remove America’s right to suffer for its mistakes.

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MikeBarnett: You need to be on Olanzapine right away.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


Yeah, I know it is cold, but I have lost all hope for the Muslims in that part of the world to become moderate or peaceful. You have to face that Islam was founded based on a warrior. The religion commands the followers to convert or kill. If they aren’t fighting amongst themselves, they are fighting someone else. It takes a dictator to keep the peace in most of the nations over there. Which is very sad. At least Assad was somewhat moderate allowing the coexistance with Christians. The same with Mubarak. I am not an Assad fan, not in the least, but I believe he is probably better than what will come after him.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


I believe that our processors are going to go to a plasma or cell base capable of many states instead of a on/off based state. I read about it about a decade ago. North Korea has had many failures with their rocket program. Iran is progressing much better from what I have read. Your suggestion that we trade with Hezbollah and Hamas is like suggesting that we should have traded with Nazi Germany before we entered WW2. Israel is an ally, and those groups are committed to destroying Israel. Everything that they do is based on enforcing their religion on the world and removing any dissentors. I would rather have an Israel ally, than partners with the people who despise our freedoms.

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Fromkin wrote:


I don’t like to comment on Israel because the discussion is not based on logic but rather the “scripture”. Enlighten me if you could. isn’t true that Israel is holding land that belongs to the people of Hamas(palestine)? Isn’t true that Hezbollah was born from the pain of Israel aggression on Lebanon?

About having Israel as ally.It’s ok to have Israel as a ally but it’s not ok to use it as a killing machine. One day that machine will seize and become obsolete and tossed.

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juxtapose wrote:

There is a band name Fear and they recorded a song called ‘lets have a war’, I highly recommend it.

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NorthStarMan wrote:

A very rich comment coming from the Russians, the worst human rights violators in the word along with the Chinese. Tibet, Chechnya, Georgia, and thousands in jail for internal dissension.

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Adam.Smith wrote:

Syria protests over Israel attack, warns of “surprise”


ummm…doesn’t that sort of kill the element of surprise?

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Adam.Smith wrote:

Fromkin wrote:


I don’t like to comment on Israel because the discussion is not based on logic but rather the “scripture”. Enlighten me if you could. isn’t true that Israel is holding land that belongs to the people of Hamas(palestine)? Isn’t true that Hezbollah was born from the pain of Israel aggression on Lebanon?

About having Israel as ally.It’s ok to have Israel as a ally but it’s not ok to use it as a killing machine. One day that machine will seize and become obsolete and tossed.


Wrong on all counts.

1) Never was such a thing as an independent Arab nation of Palestine. Hamastan (Gaza) was ruled by Egypt prior to 1967.
2) No, Hezbollah wasn’t the result of Israeli “aggression.” After the PLO was forced out of Jordan (for little things like trying to kill the king, blowing up airliners etc) they moved into Lebanon and used it as a base for attacking Israel. Israel had every right to defend itself.
3) Israel is a “killing machine?” Given their capabilities, they seem to do a pretty damn poor job of it. Assad has killed 60,000 of his own people, during the last conflict with Gaza (provoked by Palestinian rocket fire as far as Tel Aviv), 140 Palestinians were killed in 1400 sorties. While a single death is tragic, the reason the casualty count is as low as it was is that Israel makes hundreds of thousands of phone calls warning civilians of impending strikes. Of course this warns the combatants as well, but no country in the world has ever gone to the lengths Israel does to avoid civilian casualties.

Compare to how many civilians the US kills every week in Afghanistan – and how many rockets have the Afghans fired at US civilians?

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Fromkin wrote:


Saying Assad has killed 60,000 of his people is factually wrong. If that number is true, about a third represents killed security forces. So Assad did not kill its own security force. Maybe half of those killed are rebels and the rest are civilians killed by suicide bombings, car explosions and attacks perpetrated by rebels. I do not think civilians killed by the police mostly at the beginning of the conflict are more than 100.

Your explanation mixing Hezbollah and the PLO is wrong. Hezbollah members are Shia lebanese Arabs which I do not think PLO members are.

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Slammy wrote:

I am still waiting for this Syrian “surprise”… I hope they hurry as i have plans this weekend… yawn…

“If they aren’t fighting amongst themselves, they are fighting someone else. It takes a dictator to keep the peace in most of the nations over there.”

Isn’t Islam the largest religion in the world with over 1 Billion people? Roughly just over 1/5 of the world’s total population? With that many people around the globe one would think members of the religion would be involved in a fight somewhere at just about any given time. However, lets assume they are warrior culture whose purpose is to attack and destroy all infidels. If true, should there not be many more wars taking place given their dominance in numbers? What are they waiting for?
I understand your views as as I have friends who share similar thoughts. To me, this view overlooks the peaceful, hardworking part of the faith. These people are seldom heard of because they are not causing problems. The radicals appear to only be the minority, but a very vocal minority who receives much attention for their violent acts.
I know this is cliche, but Hitler killed more Christians and Jews inside of 5 years than all the Islamic warriors added together throughout history (someone please correct my numbers if they are off). The Spanish ran the Jews out of their country, of which many Spaniards are still proud of.
As for actual conflicts, Saladin was far less violent recapturing Jerusalem than the crusaders were in taking it. You may recall that the crusaders killed just about every man and women and child while Saladin let the civilian and crusaders surrender and leave. Where does Saladin fit into your model of the Islamic warrior? Slobodan_Milošević committed, or tried to commit, genocide against the former, and mostly unarmed, Yugoslav Muslim population.
It is easy to pull quotes out of the Koran and point to specific instances of violence to pigeon-hole the faith. But when these acts are compared against everyone else’s brutal crimes through History, Islam seems to have killed far less people in cold bold than other faiths. Or what am I missing?

Any word on that Syrian surprise yet?

Go Non-Terrorist Insurgents!

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Slammy wrote:

still waiting…

Feb 01, 2013 2:06pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Slammy wrote:

…and waiting…

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