Analysis: Medicare premium support idea rising from ashes?

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Speaker2 wrote:

Get rid of insurance companies, convert Medicare to a national single-payer system like the rest of the industrial world and that will translate into savings for everyone.

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Acetracy wrote:

Why doesn’t Ryan propose that US citizens get the same healthcare coverage as he gets as a member of Congress. It is far too easy for Ryan and the rest of Congress to tell poor and middle class Americans that they aren’t “entitled” to healthcare coverage while they have access to the best medical care money can buy.

The conservatives’ rant about “lower cost”, “great choice”, “free market efficiency” are the same words they used to deregulate the banks and utilities. So what did we get: higher fees/bills and bankrupted companies. Insurance companies do NOT bring about efficiency in health care. Instead they pocket huge profits which could otherwise pay for healthcare providers salaries and benefits. Ever looked at what a licensed nurse makes per hour? My secretary with a highschool education makes more per hour.

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bill1212 wrote:

First we should stop giving away F16 Fighter Jets, M1Tanks, and money to foreign countries that do absolutely nothing for the USA. Then let’s pack up the 30 million or more illegal immigrants that are sucking tax payers dry and send them home.

After that let’s cut congress, senates, and the president’s retirement, give them no cost of living raise for the next 4 years, make them pay for their health care, and then lets talk about cuts in spending for those who are truly disabled and the elderly!!

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