Beyonce says sang along to pre-recorded track at inauguration

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greybees wrote:

A classy lady. Handled the controversy expertly.

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Angelou wrote:


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BlakeC wrote:

She is right about the “industry” and lip syncing is common, however it proves that it is the wizardry of a studio that makes most singers stars, and not their natural ability. Same with actors who if there weren’t multiple takes, they wouldn’t be stars either. Live stage plays are the real test of talent, yet they aren’t recognized as much for their work. I’ve been to many music concerts, but have never heard performances like they are on recordings. It’s unfortunate that so many singers at football games can’t get the words right (like Christina Aguilera). If they give grammys to people like that, then I deserve one myself. I’ve known the National Anthem since I was 8 years old.

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rgrowley wrote:

Has anyone ever bought a car with leather interior but later to discover the leather was fake? How about buying a Herm├Ęs Kelly Bag but later to see it’s a “knowck-off”?
How is that different when an audience attends a Live music show but later to discover it was fake?
Customers have a right to get what is advertised. Plane and simple and not excuses from Beyonce for her fake performers because she was not truthful to her audience.

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Critics, who are you to judge this talented singer or her decisions? There’s nothing fake about her inaugural performance…it’s her own voice! She is no Milli Vanilli. She didn’t use auto-tune. Jealousy is caustic to your own souls!

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“one of my proudest moments” was lip-syncing for the President of the United States. You go girl.

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TheNewWorld wrote:

I agree with greybees, she handled it perfectly. I may not like the lip syncing, but she laid out the reasons for it very clearly for everyone.

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