Exclusive: Colorado Lieutenant Governor a top pick for US Labor chief - sources

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Doc00001 wrote:

I just looked up the duties of the Secretary of Labor. It appears that the foremost responsibility is to assist in the development of a population of willing servants just smart enough to accept little pay with an abundance of diverse tasks to enable our corporate masters to amass even more wealth.
Counter to that objective is the medical industry. There, one may specialize in a very narrow range of tasks while enjoying a nice fat paycheck. To add insult to injury, the progression goes like this: 1st,, Go see your family doctor. (or healthcare professional as they like to refer to themselves) This person acts as a medical broker. That is, he refers you (for a ridiculous fee) to a specialist. After a nice long wait, you will see this person and the guessing game begins. Once again for an obscene amount of money. This “professional” will prescribe drugs with side effects outside his or her particular specialty. Next stop,,the specialist who treats the side effects.

Point is, only working folk are required to execute many tasks and be paid as little as our immigration system can suppress. With a Secretary of Labor whose duties are removed from the interests of labor, where does the working man or woman get an honest deal?

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