Brazil police blame toxic foam for 235 deaths in nightclub

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Mr.Tubarc wrote:

Now it is 236 lives erased by a public negligence taking a hard toll mostly on young aspiring top college students.

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Mr.Tubarc wrote:

Blame is just a simple way of releasing our sore feeling for such an avoidable tragedy. The torch was not supposed to have been used, toxic flammable foam was not supposed to be there, the fire extinguisher was supposed to work, emergency lights was supposed to have lit and guided a fast exits, the emergency exit doors were supposed to exist, and open to let around a thousand partygoers to leave the place safely in time to protect their lives. As a scientist I started a campaign in Brazil for NULL VOTE in the next 236 years till our government learn to care for public affairs.

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Mr.Tubarc wrote:

‘NULL VOTE IN THE NEXT 236 YEARS’ – a challenge suggested by ‘Tubarc’ a PhD scientist thrown in the trash in a similar way like those college students. For justice we need to make Brazil the country of NULL VOTE so the international community understand our suffering, disappointment, and regret about the government we have. The vote is mandatory, so we intend to cancel our votes to show we reject a fake, expensive, inefficient, and corrupt democracy that constantly fail management of public affairs. It is triggered the challenge to make SANTA MARIA and KISS BOITE the centre of change in Brazil revealing our creativity and resolve to make ends meet. If we are so talented on soccer, samba, and carnival, together we can be also the democratic country of NULL VOTE. We need to use this tragedy as a power for changes and making it happen for the good of us.

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