Argentina rejects meeting with Falklands government

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Free_Pacific wrote:

“I invite you to visit Argentina,” Timerman went on, “to hold a bilateral meeting and to show you that our country is a true democracy, where my fellow foreign ministers can meet freely with whom they want, without me pushing them into meetings that do not interest them.”

If ministers can meet freely with anyone they want, why can’t you meet with the indigenous population? One answer, it’s because your ministers have been instructed not to, if you aknowledge them, your whole claim is exposed as a lie. After all, these people have lived here since before Argentina was even a county. Not so free to ‘meet whoever you like’ are you?

How stupid do these government statement writers think people in the general public are? Maybe Argentina should drop the populists who clearly have a low IQ (or are willfully arrogant and condescending?) and vote in someone who will fix the sorry state of the economy.

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