U.S. seeks greater ethanol use despite efforts to cut it

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Wassup wrote:

The stupidity and lack of common sense displayed by the EPA is more than redundant and lacks good judgement and consideration of the implications of their idiotic decision to increase ethanol in gasoline. The prudent thing to do is to work on increasing the use of LNG/CNG and it’s infrastructure in the United States considering the abundance and the environmental benefits of a move in that direction. American’s should question the viability of the EPA and the Administration that is influencing this idiotic move.

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Ethanol production wreaks havoc on the world’s food supply, too. Why in the world are we drilling (fracking) in the natural gas shales if no one plans to make use of it? The acres of corn being grown for ethanol use means less corn for cattle feed and less to export to parts of the world where people are still starving, not to mention the price of corn being driven higher for consumers. Please explain to me how any of this makes sense.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Remember that all energy discussion ends up being dominated by the employees of the oil companies. Oil is the biggest money maker in the world, and since our government is controlled by industry, eventually the oil guys will get what they want. They also hire these blogger dudes who go around delivering the message of oil and how wonderful it is.

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Burns0011 wrote:

Food vs. Fuel. Well, let’s see. 10% ethanol works well, but it’s led to higher corn prices, which leads to higher beef, chicken, pork, turkey, etc prices, and also leads to higher fuel prices, which leads to price increases to transport all that food…and now the EPA wants to use even MORE corn to make MORE ethanol, driving up food prices MORE.

I think it would be best if Congress stepped in and cancelled the ethanol mandate increase. But Congress can’t get its act together.

We’re going to be in for a hell of a lot more economic pain. And it’s going to hit the grocery bill the most.

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