California's Hispanic population projected to outnumber white in 2014

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BlueOkie wrote:

Where’s the INS?

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Shamizar wrote:

Watch out, third world, here we come!

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garyss wrote:

It was the Indians in the first place and then the Spaniards/Mexicans later on, which was due to Spain’s brutal and effective rape and I mean that literally besides the point they enslaved and butchered multi-millions of the native America’s Indian race identity, resources, faith etc, etc. (there is a difference and the brutality of these people did not only come from the first European immigrants, the US transplants as well, who took it by force and so called legal chicanery California (Oh hell, this land called the US) and it’s, Mexican/Spanish land grants. My historical background is not the best, but I sure as heck found out more during my University years than the lame comments I see here. Our Christian ways, not so Christian as our founding fathers even knew that way back then (by-the-way, I am a Mexican American and born and raised in California second generation in 51.) My Father and Italian Mother, lived in a predominantly, high-end town and told me he would not pass down his bastardized Mexican language in fear of obvious persecution and discrimination). My mother told me the same thing, no Italian spoken. English only in the US, come on for crying out loud, most of the folks in this county came from in the first place, Europeans who came here, the majority gave up their linguistic skills along the way. After getting off track on this topic, glad to here these folks are getting due what was taken away and using it as a solid political force and the political rulers are getting the hint. I am having a flash of wasted on deaf and waste of breath syndrome. Come to think, without the Romans introduction Latin in our so called English we would speaking like cavemen with only a shot set of verbiage abilities. It has been noticed by some extremely bright people, that the Indians of this land ponder on how they could or should have not only helped the first landings of foreigners and teach some needed survival skills and safe their fannies, but the jock is, in not an exact quote- How do we get rid of these 300 illegal immigrants?

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SimonHudolin wrote:

“Hispanic population projected to outnumber white”
Are Hispanic a new race? Hispanic Americans are white!!! You are repeating the vocabulary of “USA” bureaucracy, which “invented” a new race.
Alex DobuzinskisI, I expect an apology in a form of article about it!
Simon Hudolin a member of Balcaneuropean race

Feb 02, 2013 6:42am EST  --  Report as abuse
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