Israeli silence on Syria is strategic

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usagadfly wrote:

Israel is, once again, trying to draw the USA into Syria by intervening itself. It very likely is trying to provoke a counter-attack so its lackeys in the US can set up a chorus of war mongering. But it potentially provokes more than just Syria.

It acts as if the USA is a possession, which in far, far too many ways it has become.

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phoen2011 wrote:

let’s hope Obama understands the risk of getting involved into another adventure in the Middle East just because Israel demand it

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kenradke11 wrote:

I am glad that Israel has the guts to fly into Syria and attack a convoy of weapons that were headed to the Assad regime. I hope they make more strikes and hopefully one right on Assad’s head!The international community has failed thanks to Russia and China’s damn veto powers! Go it alone and stop the madman killer and murderer Assad

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kenradke11 wrote:

There will be a wider conflict in the middle east anyway commentators so just accept the reality of it! Assad needs to be taken out and the quicker the better

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diddums wrote:

Once again Israel gets told by the USA ,you can do it they all know we cannot control you because of Aipac.

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COindependent wrote:

Our recent history of leading from behind, as evidenced in North Africa and Egypt, is a testament to “be careful what you wish for”. The “democracy” we wished for turned out not to be in our best interests. Even if we isolated ourselves from all of these conflicts, the anarchists need an enemy to promote their agenda.

Assad may be a despot, but the alternative may be much worse–especially if the Islamist anarchists take over (see Libya, Algeria, Egypt). The worst thing that can happen is they secure access to the advanced weapon stockpiles. Our best option would be to destroy those weapons depots, so they are only a threat to themselves and not Western Europe and the U.S. (Which also begs the question of why we are transferring weapons technology to Egypt at this time–I guess we are trying to purchase moderation on the part of Morsi–wishful thinking at best.)

We just happen to be the biggest target, so it works well for them. If we completely pulled out, we would then be accused of causing the collapse of their economy and the misery of the people. So, we are better off exerting some influence than not at all.

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BiteRight wrote:

I don’t see any need to kick the ass of a dying tiger already plagued and seiged by domestic enemies. This unprovoked attack on convoy would only invite Syrian unity between Assad’s regime and rebels, at least for the short term..

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usagadfly wrote:

None of you war apologists seems to have actually paid attention to what happened in the “Arab Spring” revolutions. Syria is the first non-US supported regime to be threatened with being tossed out.

The USA was the primary backer of the dictatorships in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The USA LOST those revolutions. It did not lead them at all. Try rereading the news accounts. The US did not fund or support rebels in those countries at all. It backed European intervention in Libya after it became obviously serious, and backed Mubarak in Egypt. Almost certainly the troubles in Egypt today are fueled and funded by US “social welfare” dollars, just as they are in Syria. But unlike actual Medicare spending, no one wants to cut those “black” dollars.

The US has shown neither wisdom or insight in our Middle Eastern policies. It has simply squandered the future of American workers to play geopolitical games to keep Israel the dominant power in the region and in North America. Until foreign agents are removed from our political process we will continue having endless wars for the foreseeable future. The source of this is in the USA, not abroad. We are awash with domestic enemies in positions of political power. They will never stop finding new wars to fight until they are simply carved out of out nation. They will bleed the US into bankruptcy, and largely already have. You cannot possibly believe the war cost claims presented. Believe the gigantic collapse of Federal social programs. American war expense claims are open lies.

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xcanada2 wrote:

@kendrake says:
“I am glad that Israel has the guts to fly into Syria and attack a convoy of weapons that were headed to the Assad regime.”

Where do you get your information? Straight from the horses mouth?

Fortunately, your zealous voice is disappearing into the background.

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Jocomus wrote:

When one threatens another with a surprise attack, there should be no surprise when attack materialises. Without active war planes nor guided missiles, Syria can only launch a terrorist-style attack.

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Slammy wrote:

Any news yet on Syria’s surprise attack on Israel? Anyone think that if one were to hold their breath they will suffocate before anything happens? Mr. Al Assad, aka, The Cowardly Lion, is a coward you know.

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laameduck1 wrote:

“silence is the best way forward”.
I wish the US “leaders” had as much sense as the Israelis. I feel like they act like a ship without a rudder. Just being blown around with very wind change and not knowing which direction they are going in or which is the right direction to go in. In the mean while we have things like the Benghazi incident among many other glaring issues they don’t know what to do with and just blame the other party and nothing gets done.

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