Eye for an eye: rough justice in Mexico's Wild West

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ArribaJuarez wrote:

Corruption is (and always has been) rampant in Mexico. With the dramatic uncertainty of “who can you trust”, the community vigilante justice system may be the only way to secure any lasting justice in a commuinty.

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Reuters you have misquoted the Bible. “Eye for an eye” is a command to those having committed a wrong against another, to make recompense. Thus, if someone commits a crime/ tort against another, the offender should forfeit his own “eye” to replace the other’s “eye” he injured. It does not mean retaliation or vengeance; instead it means justice and equity. This Mexico story is not about vengeance; it’s about true justice. The actions of these normal Mexicans are absolutely natural and correct. Countries and nations are not the governments of those polities, but rather the People themselves. The Mexican Govt. and police have become corrupt, easily bribed, neglects their duty to protect, and allows drug cartels to harm the citizens. Mexico’s sovereignty comes from the People themselves, thus when government personnel are deputized to bring the sword against criminals they are invoking the People’s justice ultimately. The Mexican Govt. and police don’t care anymore, so the People must use their God given rights to protect themselves and enforce the law. Our American Founders similarly appealed to God Almighty for freedom, protection, and guidance and were blessed with such, including the wisdom to form the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration lists universal and immutable truths about the liberty of all people in the world in relation to their governments. The Mexican people seem to be carrying out some of those basic truths set forth in the Declaration.

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