Envoy makes "last appeal" for Syria as officials meet

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Fromkin wrote:

This is desinformation again. The Munich security meeting is not exclusively about Syria it’s about global security held every year in Munich. Of course Syrian issue will be on the agenda among many others. Iranian FM also will be there.

This article is propaganda intended to mislead people into thinking that the US, Russia and the opposition are cutting a “transition deal” against the Syrian government.

“Western support for the uprising has been mostly limited to political rhetoric denouncing Assad and humanitarian aid, despite pleas from rebels for arms.”

The author wanted to say “providing” humanitarian aid instead of saying “denouncing” humanitarian aid but the quote is a lie.

Truth is Western countries gave weapons and powerful recon satellite equipments to rebels through Qatar, Turkey,Hariri group in Lebanon, Israel…The Israeli attack on a research facility was intended to destroy some of the advanced western weapons for fear of being transfered to Iran, China and Rusia.

Reuters hasn’t reported any news about rebels’ “gains” and “adavances” in quite some time. Rebels’ failed attempt to attack Damascus sealed their fate. Fake Arab spring is pretty much defeated in Syria. Arab springers will now hesitate to try their macabre project on Algeria or Mauritania.

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kracked1nut wrote:

Why even comment, they are aren’t kept for people to see the next day.
This is a great comment section.

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Fromkin wrote:

“The level of frustration among the opposition with lack of international support for the revolt is very high,”

This is stupidity. What international support did Castro have? Or Hugo Chavez? A true revolution doesn’t nedd international support. It must be organic.

This fake revolution stinks Washington’s regime change policy.

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Slammy wrote:

@ Fromkin
“Western countries gave weapons and powerful recon satellite equipments to rebels through Qatar, Turkey,Hariri group in Lebanon, Israel…”

I think you are lying but you can prove me wrong. What weapons (such as model #, type, manufacturer) did Western Countries give that are in the hands of the Syrian Insurgents/Terrorists/Good-ole-boys-just-having-fun-in-the-desert. With the exception of one 40 year old French artillery piece, the only weapons I have seen these groups have are made in Russia or Chinese knock offs. S
So, are a you a:
1) Liar
2) Someone who has no idea what they are talking about
3) Someone who has better Intelligence than all these youtube videos showing the weapons these groups are using to blow things up?

My bet is that you are a combination of 1 & 2… Also, while you are at it, did you ever figure out what was fired at Aleppo University the other week? Was the explosion a result of magic?

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Slammy wrote:

My earlier comment has not shown up yet… in case it was banned for calling you a liar, can you name the make and model of Western weapons that these opposition figures are using? If these weapons are being provided, how come everything looks like the same inaccurate Russian stuff?

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Slammy wrote:

Never mind, there I am… Hee, hee..

Still no surprises being reported in Syria… think they are waiting for Ramadan?

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mcanterel wrote:

@Slammy, you must be the most macabre war watcher pervert around here. Your comments are always filled with mockery and loathing as the Syrians are raped and killed by the Saudi thugs you cheer along with Reuters “journalists”.

@Fromkin, once again, you nailed it, and no intelligent person is fooled by Reuters skewed “reporting”.

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Fromkin wrote:

“All that is left is the wider international world,” he said, saying only the U.N. Security Council – divided over Syria – could find a solution. “You are the last appeal,” he told the conference. “Please do your job.”

No UNSC action is needed. Stop arming terrorists. They are impotent against the Syrian army but destructive to civilian lives and infrastructures. They get traning by Balckwater in Kosovo and UAE and Qatar and now Turkey to kill innocents. Where in the world terrorists have overthrown a government?

Brahimi is not independent. His daughter who worked for CNN is married to a jordanian prince. Jordan is a US maintained puppet monarcy.

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Fromkin wrote:


You do not know what you are talking about. The US itself said it has provided rebels with telecom equipments. The CIA in Turkey directly oversees which weapons go to which Djihadists groups. CIA has been working with djihadists groups including Al Qaida for years. That’s fact.

Unless the Syrian gov is lying, it has reported and shown seized Israeli/ US made weapons from insurgents. There are reports that Israel strikes on a Syrian military center were intended to destroy these weapons before they reach Iran, china, Russia, hezbollah….

Youtube is for entertainment. It’s not a credible source of info. Same thing with that used cclothing business that supplies info to western media.

You will not learn international affairs through youtube videos. Expand your horizon.

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Fromkin wrote:


I do not know anything about weapons. I am not interested in weapons or violence and killings. I am a pacifist. Weapons to me are the incarnation of the devil. Those who use them against humans serve the devil.

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Tiu wrote:

One wonders if the people pushing this faux revolution have read the tale of Phillipe Egalite, Duc d’Orleans, who likewise fanned the flames of revolt… on behalf of his handlers, and found his reward kneeling at before Madame l’guillotine. Probably not the reward he was expecting!

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