Obama offers compromise on birth control health coverage

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RIPatriot wrote:

Does the constitution or rule of law mean anything to these idiots? Does Katherine Sebelious have even1 15 functioning brain cells in that empty skull of hers? How does this make ANY SENSE?

You can’t demand a company give something away. You can’t tell them to get free coverage for one thing, while charging them for something else. The cost of the “Free” coverage will just get baked into the coverage the churches are paying for.

This is what you get when a bunch of text book academics get together and just pass fiats. People with no concept of what it takes to run a company, make payroll, pay the bills. If this is the best we have to run our country we are such trouble.

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Chauffeur wrote:

Don’t trust B.O. He’s already reneged on his promise to respect conscious. We suppored his health care plan, then he pulled the switcheroo. Now he’s backpeddling a tiny bit because he knows he’s wrong in attempting to ignore the Constitution. But at best, he’ll pull a switcheroo again. Fool me once, shame on you…. fool me twice, shame on me.

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OneOfTheSheep wrote:

So let me get this right. “the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant evangelicals and others groups who argued that the President Barack Obama’s health care reform law forced them to violate religious tenets against contraception…” can again deny their employees (who may NOT be Catholics or evangelicals of like mind with such “official positions) the right to plan their families as they deem best.

It would appear that such employees must now individually identify themselves by requesting “special coverage” from ‘overlords” not above discriminating or retaliating against them when there are layoffs, or adverse discretionary work scheduling or assignments or professional advancement, and these “exempted” employers continue to enjoy all the tax writeoffs of businesses that do NOT so discriminate. What could possibly go wrong?

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Yeah, let’s find a way to keep women in the USA from having babies, yet allow millions upon millions of illegals into this country, on the premise that we need their labor. Not to mention the legal ones. Now, what part of this plan to kill off the conceived children have I missed out on? Apparently the gov wants no children to be around to pay for the elderly retiring.

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Kynewulf7 wrote:

Why should there be any compromise on this issue? Why should ANY employer be able to impose their religious beliefs upon their employees. All this does is suggest that the employer’s religious rights are more important than that of the employee’s.

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d_web wrote:

That’s making a deal with the devil.

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BillKahn wrote:

Two wrongs turned into charging the insurance companies more. Nice compromise.

Wrong #1 – No employer, even a noble religious organization, should be allowed to determine what medical procedures are provided their employees.

Wrong #2 – 93.4% of birth control prescribed is not to treat a medical condition, but used as a method to prevent pregnancies. One person(s) should not be forced to pay for another person(s) choices. That is as morally wrong as forcing all women to go on birth control.

What can be statistically measured as a benefit for society, may not actually be best for humanity. If that were the case, the Progressive party of the early 1900′s would have dominated. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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Wassup wrote:

Obamacare will begin killing former smokers and Seniors in 2014 when the price of medical care for these citizens becomes so astronomical as to make it unaffordable for a very high percentage of the population. What will Obama and his puppets be able to say to legitimize the indirect murder of Americans due to this abortion of a law? How will they explain this off as an oversight or will it take protests in the streets to get the heirarchy attention to this matter?

Both Obama and Congress is to blame for the law so they should be held accountable for its killer circumstances as detailed above in the courts. Even one death due to the way this law is written is too much for Americans to stand.

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