Apple edges out Samsung for mobile phone sales lead in fourth quarter

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Wingsy wrote:

“Apple sold 17.7 million iPhones in the U.S. in the fourth quarter, up 38 percent from the previous year, driven by aggressive marketing of its new iPhone 5 and steep carrier subsidies, the firm said. Samsung shipped 16.8 million phones during the same period.”

Apple did not say that sales were driven by aggressive marketing, you did. And if you’re going to talk about Apple’s “aggressive marketing”, why not mention that Samsung spent 12 billion on marketing in 2012. That’s more than Apple, HP, Dell and Microsoft COMBINED. Seems like Apple’s sales are due to something else besides marketing. Could it be customer satisfaction?

C’mon, be fair.

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wthcares wrote:

I agree, Wingsy. Seems the liberal media takes sides in non-political news as well, and make shtuff up like they do for a certain high ranking US politician.

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timebandit wrote:

Spot on, Wingsy. In J.D. Power customer satisfaction surveys, Apple consistently outranks Samsung and all other phone brands, as well as in surveys as to whether a customer will replace their existing handset with one by the same manufacturer. By nearly 2 to 1, Apple iPhone owners say they’ll buy another iPhone to the number of Samsung Galaxy owners who say they’ll replace their Galaxy with another Galaxy or even a Samsung.

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RazerEdge wrote:

Headline Reads like an Applewellian 1984 Commercial making it appear that Apple did better than Samsung! ….what a farce!!! lol

Apple devotees will grab at any straws they can in an attempt to paint a picture of Apple as the top company…. at least somewhere. Reality is they had their day and now that day is done. Even w/ this report using qualified circumstances, like one particular quarter, instead of the whole year. The truth HUGE…. Samsung w/ Smartphones alone sold 217 Million vs Apple iPhones 137 Million. When all the Applewellian True Believers has Apple topping 150 Million and even that pales by comparison to SAMSUNG GLOBALLY!!!

The reality is that Apple has stagnated over the whole planet. By simply becoming a Chinese made Commodity carrying troop of Mao-Suit wearing iZootsuiters all looking and acting the same. In Smartphones alone Samsung buried Apple’s one size fits all iFascist in their attempt to only keep up with the Jones! lol….

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tangogo68 wrote:

I think ‘RazerEdge’ needs to take a few slow deep breaths, and stop hyperventilating — their comment seems so typical of the Apple-hater tirades that are becoming so virulent lately — making mention of Mao and Fascist labels is beyond pathetic — if you have a point to make, use analysis and argument, rather than exclamation and caps locked anger — if you’re genuinely angry at a company for making products that some consumers choose to buy, then you should probably consider getting some kind of therapeutic treatment — while I have an iPhone, and will probably keep buying them in the coming years, I also think it’s great that other companies are making some high quality devices and software for folks that choose to buy whatever they choose to buy — good job Samsung, good job Nokia, good job Blackberry — well done …

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