Yemen says intercepted ship carrying weapons was Iranian

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ArghONaught wrote:

Iran does not get the gong as a peaceful honorable country, but consider US weapons sales throughout the world. #1. US military budget also #1 and larger than the next 5 combined by most accounts.

Is the defense being the US is “the good guy” propping up two bit dictatorships and belatedly helping or allowing revolutions that go south (Egypt, Libya, Iraq, etc). A policeman of the world using American norms?

Democracy – be careful what you wish for. Other cultures rarely have American value systems and the cause-response relationships will often be other than expected.

Demonize Iran as they deserve it, but US global policy is to keep wars “somewhere else” so they do not come to North America – except for 911 it has been pretty effective. Ever wonder why the places with those wars are not thankful?

Watch the satire “Wag the Dog”. You will learn a lot about politics as it really is.

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