For U.S. gun clubs, NRA membership has its privileges

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Acetracy wrote:

There is no logical reason why gun clubs can’t forced to be inside. NYC has a gun club right in the Village, but it is in the basement, soundproofed and certain that no stray bullets land in a neighbors property.

I live nearly five miles from an outdoor gun club and on certain days I can hear the rifles go off. I can just imagine what its neighbors go through daily. So much for rural tranquility.

If the NRA is really serious about safety, then they should provide each member with a strong, heavy metal safe for its members to keep their arms in – away from children, away from visitors, away from angry family members.

Reuters should do an article on the percentage of homicides/deaths in the USA committed with a gun, and what % of that did the victim know his/her assailant, and even worse the % of teenage suicides. Our community is still grieving from a 14 year old who shot himself to death over a highschool sweetheart. If only his mother had kept her guns in a safe, perhaps the young boy would still be here.

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Randy549 wrote:

“Half-million-dollar houses now dot the woods and fields around the club, and some neighbors have complained about noise, perceived safety risks, and the types of guns that members use.”

Certainly these neighbors knew about the existence of this gun club and its location before they even purchased the land that these houses sit on. Sorry but I call BS on this one. They well-knew what they were getting into.

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fred5407 wrote:

This is just more slanted reporting. Golf Clubs have membership requirements and so do street gangs. How about a story about the violence in street gangs or the violence taught in military training. This article is along side of an article about Iraq where people were killed by a suicide bomber. We, in the United States, are sick mentally because our government failed to recognize our mental sickness. It is just another part of the “New World Order”. Make us all slaves to your peaceful subservient elite ruling class.

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BioStudies wrote:

You mad Reuters? :)

How about an article on forcing Union members to pay dues so that the Unions can fund Democrat candidates? Oh wait that would be too much truth for some the biased liberal hacks you are. Keep up the good work then! Keep the socialist dream alive!

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My wife and I are gun owners. We do not belong to the NRA now, just as probably 95 million other gun owners in the United States don’t belong to the NRA. However, after reading this article, we have decided to join both the NRA and Gun Owners of America this week. We want to support these organizations in order that somebody stands up and speaks for our rights.

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BioStudies wrote:

You mad Reuters? :)

How about an article on forcing Union members to pay dues so that the Unions can fund Democrat candidates? Oh wait that would be too much truth for some the biased liberal hacks you are. Keep up the good work then! Keep the socialist dream alive!

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BioStudies wrote:

You mad Reuters? :)

How about an article on forcing Union members to pay dues so that the Unions can fund Democrat candidates? Oh wait that would be too much truth for some the biased liberal hacks you are. Keep up the good work then! Keep the socialist dream alive!

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americanguy wrote:

To balance Reuter’s coverage of the gun issue and the one sided circus side show hearings on gun control at Congress.

The NRA would not exist without the 4.5 million members who pay dues.
The NRA is a membership organization of people, not a single person or a few people trying to protect the gun industry.

I was for the assault weapons and large cap mag ban but the media kept calling them “automatic weapons” as a lie to get peoples’ support (automatic weapons were banned over 70 years ago) so now I know there is an agenda by some group to take all of our guns, and they are using the media to help. Now I am against the assault weapon and large cap mag ban.

After doing research, I found gun control does nothing. Chinese made weapons are illegally imported into most Western countries. In Australia as an example, they now have very strict gun control and deaths by guns have only dropped 2%, while rape is up 20% and assaults are up 40%. There have been over 1.4 million Chinese assault weapons (and ammunition) illegally imported into Australia, that Australia is aware of. (My research found that the majority of illegal weapons imported into gun control countries, and sold to terrorists around the world, are made in China).

Take away guns from citizens, fill countries with your people (as immigrants, students, workers, etc.), send them military guns to hide until needed, then use them when you start the war. The “underground army” can easily overwhelm an unarmed population or large cities.

There have also been some questions about a group using known tactics to get easily manipulated mentally unstable people to take certain actions with guns. Darn clever those Communist Chinese.

Our pathetic little 500,000 man army could do nothing to defend the US territory (I have seen Chinese military plans to invade the US through South America and then Mexico with troops sent on innocent looking container ships) and China now controls the Panama canal) since the US is so vast. If you look at current Chinese actions, China is basically surrounding US interests and allies around the world, and starting to base their military assets within striking distance of the US. Communism’s main goal is world domination.

The whole purpose of the right to bear arms is so common people can defend their country if needed. When WW2 started, the US was using brooms and sticks to train soldiers since there were not enough guns, the US was also making plans on how to handle losing to Hitler (a little known fact -look it up).

All the rigged debates in Congress, and the media lies, don’t matter. Americans are not going to allow anyone to take away their guns. As long as America has 100 million armed people, no country can conquer us with “boots on the ground”. But the media and anti gun groups and members of Congress are working on that “problem”, and getting paid well by the Chinese for their help.

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WAopinion wrote:

Mr. Sullivan I have to say that your one sided and tainted writing makes me sick. The fact that you are blaming the Sandy Hook Shooting on the NRA shows your disregard for relaity and your need for controversy in your writing so that people will read it.

We both know who is responsible for the shootings, the person who commited the crime. If he had used a car to drive into the school and run over children would you have said that Ford or the NADA was responsible? I hope not.

When I first started reading this piece I thought that it was going to show what the NRA was doing to help local gun ranges and sportsmans clubs. I was mistaken.

All that I got from this article was a sense that a small man was taking his jabs at the gun community and the NRA. Please stop writing articles on things that you have no idea about.

And by the way I am an NRA lifetime member and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

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FatherJames wrote:

…In the late 1950s, Seattle needed some space and politely asked a firing range to hand over their property, promising to provide land of equal use and value within the city. By the 1960s the city had not done so and announced that it never would. They offered money, but refused to honor their word…

…A small gun range that has limited income is extremely vulnerable without belonging to a larger organization…

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spademan007 wrote:

“The NRA has rejected President Barack Obama’s efforts to ban the sale of military-style assault rifles like the one used in the killing of 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14.”

The quote is from your article, by the way.

That article, as well as the rest of the biased media, keep portraying that the “assault” rifle was used used in the Newtown massacre. I’m sure you’ve found out for yourself that that weapon was never really used. It was brought to the school, but never used or even taken out of the vehicle.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t journalism supposed to merely report the news, not create it? By saying that the weapon was used in the massacre, you’ve just changed the facts of the story. Now it isn’t news, but a sensationalized story. Any other facts you’ve left out or changed?

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Gaius_Baltar wrote:

Randy 549, the defense of “coming to a nuisance” is no defense.

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txguy2112 wrote:


These are the same people that move next to an airport then complain about the noise. They knew it was there they just decided to move there then try to shut it down because they can.

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txguy2112 wrote:

I see Reuters is still printing the lie that an “assault weapon” was used at Sandy Hook despite all the information that has come out showing that the unfired weapon was in the car and the shooter used pistols

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gtgg wrote:

After reading this article, one wonders whether Mr. Sullivan is capable of unbiased reporting. I’ve heard so many partial truths, false or skewed statistics and outright blatant lies since Sandy Hook, Edward R. Murrow’s casket must be on fire from all the friction! I guess just like the Progressive In Chief, if you tell a lie enough times, it becomes truth Mr. Sullivan?

I really don’t think the 4.5 million NRA members of this country, the most powerful defender of Constitutional rights in America would authorize you to speak on their behalf. So please, stop putting words in our mouths. Kthanksbye!

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