U.S. didn't need rough interrogation to get bin Laden: Panetta

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TheNewWorld wrote:

“Some CIA veterans have defended the use of harsh techniques such as sleep deprivation, hypothermia, stress positions, slapping and waterboarding, to obtain information that helped get bin Laden. Waterboarding, in which a drowning sensation is inflicted on a captive, is often described as torture.”

So how does Panetta know that we would have found him without the information that was gained from “torture” techniques. I think torture is quite a broad word. My guess is I would prefer the torture techniques listed above to the torture techniques used by Al Queda. But who knows what techniques are not being told to us.

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SavageNation wrote:

Clinton administration leftover Pancetta was just going to march down to the Middle East and grab Osama himself. All without using any intel or a single shot being fired. He would use the power of the force to see where he was, and then use the Spock Grip to take down Usama.

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Mott wrote:

What’s worth learning from is – with the most sophisticated technology at hand, it took over a decade and over a $1T long-term costs, to track a single person while it takes a mere few millions for Israels to track and effectively use a single missile to destroy the target.

You cannot feel too good about how this got carried out without the above learning.

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Doc62 wrote:

“I think we could have gotten Bin Laden without that,” Panetta added.
Now he THINKS we could have? Panetta’s panacea? YADA,YADA,YADA.
We handled Bin Laden very well. Only the Mossad could have done a better job, got quicker info and not dealt with ACLU whiners. Let’s close GITMO and send all the “Ackmeds” to Isreal. They KNOW what to do and would extract tons of valuable intel.

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leekhat wrote:

“Sleep deprivation, hypothermia, stress positions, slapping” are not torture…I beg to differ (no pun intended)

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elocutionist wrote:

Slapping– that works. The 3 Stooges proved this irrefutably.

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