Dell closer to buyout as price talks narrow: source

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JapanViewer wrote:

Just to be clear: This is a company founded by Mr. Dell, who then “retook the helm of the company”, who now wants to “retake the retaking of the company”. I guess three time’s a charm?

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foiegras wrote:

Take it private, leverage it out to buy back the stock, secure the new debt with assets (patents, whatever), subordinate the existing debt to the new secured debt (hello junk rating), give the buyout shop its cut, take a cut for yourself, try to sell PCs when PCs are obsolete (they’re the SUVs of tomorrow), go bankrupt in five years, screw the bond holders. Here we go again with the free money, the LBOs, the drive-it-into-the ditch syndrome…it’s no old it’s new.

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Dichotomous wrote:

I hope the whole deal blows up in his face. This is the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with and they deserve nothing less than total annihilation! Michael Dell is a total idiot.

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PNM wrote:

I totally agree with Dochotomous that Dell makes truly awful products and provides awful service. The only reason I’m typing this on a Dell computer is all of the “perks” they provide our IT department.

I certainly hope Foiesgras’s scenario doesn’t materialize. Dell has too much pride to have his baby die.

Of course, if he has any grasp of the future, he’ll bet the company on Linux and go head-to-head with Microsoft and Apple on content distribution. Any PC company that acts solely as a sower for Microsoft’s seeds is headed for total irrelevance. He surely understands that, and the fact that the only viable option is to go Linux, or to die.

RIM/Blackberry is making the right bet.

Feb 04, 2013 4:13pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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