Ex-U.S. Navy SEAL's killing puts focus on war's psychological toll

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mgunn wrote:

As the NRA would say, if Chris was armed he could’ve fought back and prevented this. Wait, he was! Oh well.

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TheReckoning wrote:

Social scientists estimate the overall mental illness rate in Western countries to be about 20%. This means 1 in 5 people suffer from some sort of psychological problems during their lives. Add in ready access to weapons and it’s obvious more people will die violently. It must be very sad for thoughtful Americans to envision a future where their children will wear bullet proof vests to schools staffed with armed guards in the hallways.

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Bdy2010 wrote:

@mgunn and @ TheReckoning – maybe you guys should go back and re-read the article. As it turns out the War is what traumatized Routh. So where is all your banter about ending it? Am I supposed to guess that you support banning guns in the US but not ending the nations longest war? Please explain your logic.

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crittertron wrote:

@Bdy2010 .. LOL! exactly.

To everyone else, I knew a guy once, ex green beret that served 3 tours in Vietnam, he was always uneasy but fun to talk to when he was not drinking. I was in high school working in the same restaurant as him. One night he got into a fight at a bar with a guy that just wouldn’t leave him alone. He killed the man with his bare fists … as he was taught to do by the army. He then went home and hung himself. Guns? You’re all chumps that miss the point.

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Hiedi11 wrote:

Interesting, we now have warmongering liberal (like Obama) who are OK with war and drone attacks; but at the same time, they want to disarm the public which is extremely hypocritical. Obama has somehow managed to silence a group of people who were oftentimes protesting when Bush was in office against the wars. But now their man is in the white house, they are silent. Very sad…

The bottom line is: the war messed this guy up.

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Cleveland2012 wrote:

This incident makes one think that everyone involved was nuts.

If you kill 160 people is that something to be proud of? Really? Is it not sick? Is it cowardly to point a gun at someone? Yes, it is.

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americanguy wrote:

I am starting an organization that helps convicted mentally ill pyromaniacs, by giving them what they need and then taking them to a place to start fires.
I am also going to treat mentally ill serial killers who preyed on women, by letting them attend an all girl’s college and live in the dorm.
Taking someone with PTSD from combat, to a shooting range, then giving them a loaded weapon, is the recipe for disaster. At least the shooter did not then go and kill a bunch of children.

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Robocop5626 wrote:

Comments on this incident should be prefaced with a notation of what service branch you served in and for how long. I served in the Navy for five years during the 1970′s as the Vietnam War was drawing to a close. If you haven’t given of your time to serve, your opinion is moot.

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jaham wrote:

Yet another instance of gun violence that would not have been averted by ANY of the liberal gun control proposed.

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Yashmak wrote:

“If you haven’t given of your time to serve, your opinion is moot. ”

Oh horsewash. That’s like saying folks who don’t have kids of their own can’t comment on obvious bad parenting when they see it.

This is not a Heinlein novel, where citizenship requires military service. Service is not required to enjoy freedom of speech. If you don’t feel non-veteran’s comments are worthwhile, you’re free not to read them. But to tell folks they’re not free to make them runs counter to the very constitution veterans swore to uphold when they joined up.

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wilhelm wrote:

a hired killer is killed by … (fill in the blank)

in an all-volunteer gang, let’s remember.

if that description bothers you (mr. USN veteran, floating on a boat), you have not fully explored the consequences of your actions. (by the way, I was drafted, so STFU).

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TheReckoning wrote:

Dear Robocop5626. Please take the time to watch the movie; “The Fog of War.” You will learn that the war in Vietnam was predicated on a convenient lie e.g. the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. Moreover, you will come to the same conclusion about the attack on Iraq based on Weapons of Mass Destruction. In other words, both wars were illegal and immoral thus rendering all American combatants war criminals. Now that you know the truth, keep track of how Iran is being set up for the same treatment.

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Wolfdog_1987 wrote:

@TheReckoning – Not sure if you are joking or not, since that already happens pretty regularly from what i hear. My school didnt require that crap but apparently many city schools do.

Feb 09, 2013 3:23am EST  --  Report as abuse
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