British PM's party split as first gay marriage vote passes

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SteveMD2 wrote:

rhe conservatives are probably going nuts Last week the most important part of the french marriage equaltiy bill came up for a vote and was passed by 2.5 to 1 in the voting.

Conservtives have a choice – join up in giving our gay friends and neighbors etc equal CIVIL law marriage rights (not religious rites) or end up on the wrong side of history. Even many right wing repubs are supporting it because they know that to not do wo will be like the old joke about “when you get kiced out of govt, dont let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you.

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Tiu wrote:

Tony B Liar enacting Tory policy followed by Cammorron enacting Labour policy… the scriptwriters are having a ball!!
Now, will it get wild polarized and furious agitation to distract the masses with a mass debate on a very manipulable issue?

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SimplyHot wrote:

What’s not to love about a PM that votes his conscience instead of what’s popular and P.C.? He see the issue as one of fairness and inclusiveness for everyone in Britain. Those stuffy old Brits with their hatred and bigotry will never want to face the issue so Mr. Cameron is forcing their hand. Bravo mate! Bravo!

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Blackgold888 wrote:

British Parliment has been conned by the gay community, LGM will soon be followed by Legalised gay parenting. That means Legal gay fathers breeding gay children, legal lesbian mothers breeding lesbian kids, legal paedo parents breeding paedo kids, legal hermaphrodite etc etc etc All the colors of the gay rainbow with children paying the price. As if children want to inherit such sick genes. Child abuse has just been legalised.

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SteveMD2 wrote:

all you have to do is look at Black golds comment about gay faters breeding gay children etc. He reinds me of jetblack – a commentor whose nutter comments were traced back to the westboro baptist church – america’ premier crazies who celebrate happily at the funerals of soldiers defending our nation and of course much of the rest of the world from the talibs.

He also reminds me of the catholic church that in the middle ages burned books on the human body and supported bloodletting both as medical procedure and all the wars they encouraged, eg the holocaust of the arabs during the crusades (no wonder some of them hate us)

The world has changed and recognizes that gay people are good people and worthy of equal rights under the law.

The conservative extremists can rant al they want and all that happens is that their churches get decimated by low attendance.

In Britain alone about 1100 people leave xtianity every day and the churches are all but empty etc. The churches are committing suicide and it couldn’t happen t a more deserving group.

Cheers to Cameron who put people above party and look what happened 400 to 175,

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