Boeing asks FAA to allow Dreamliner test flights

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WJL wrote:

The issue is why the Dreamliner was permitted to be in service for over 1 year while there was still an unresolved design issue with batteries and electrical circuit?

Luckily no one has died.

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Humanist11 wrote:

I don’t think they knew there was an issue until it had been flying for the past year. My guess is that Boeing received a bad batch of batteries from the manufacturer. It seems to be tricky to produce these batteries and any imperfection could result in failure. Good luck to Boeing. They have been making solid airplanes for 50 years.

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HadleyJohn wrote:

It is well documented that Boeing flight test aircraft suffered a serious electrical systems fire on one of its later test aircraft and close to customer launch. This retrospectively raises a big question over the integrity of the electrical system which at that stage should have been mature.
The Dreamline has the capability to generate 1.5 Megawatts of electrical power, far in excess of any other commercial airliner. It is a radical design advancement in aerospace terms.
With radical design comes risk; every major advance in technology carries risk until the product matures having been in service for a period of time.
Being a Project Engineer in the Aerospace Industry I know how pressured designs teams can be to get product to market. There will be Boeing electrical systems engineers who are saying to themselves ‘I knew that we had an issue here’.
This is no time to point a finger however, as this is how technology moves forward; in nervous leaps.
Engineers do a great job; we are the unseen heroes!

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