Dell to go private in landmark $24.4 billion deal

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WhiteLotus88 wrote:

If Dell truly is going private just so that it can stay out of the public scrutiny then I can say it’s not going to work. If you, as a company as so thin skinned that you can’t take a bit of scrutiny then you go other problems to worry about.

Apple gets scrutinized more than any other company but they have a very thick skin. They could care less what shareholders think. Didn’t start giving a dividend until summer of 2012 well after Steve Jobs was laid to rest. Apple finds a way out of the scrutiny by just keeping tight lipped about everything.

Amusingly enough, Apple employees don’t talk about ongoing projects because they honestly don’t know what is going on. When Steve Jobs conceived of iPhone nobody else knew about it. They only knew that something secret was going on inside the “purple building”. Jobs kept it secret from everyone else.

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

Public companies are alway operated by superficial dolts. The best companies are private. Of course no one knows or cares about them because they don’t share their profits with weasily investers.

If the commodisized PC market wants to improve their sale how about they start by building something that actually works for a while instead of leading the rest of the business world in planned obsolescence. I suppose if you can build crap and sell it to idiots, it’s a good job.

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