Fed still gauging extent of hacker breach, FBI on case

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Harry079 wrote:

“We remain confident that this incident did not affect critical operations of the Federal Reserve.”

Somehow that doesn’t sound so reassuring.

But hey it’s the Fed the only entity that can create money out of thin air.

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ICthruU wrote:

It is quite troubling that evidently cyberwarfare is taking place on such an extensive and unmitigated scope. Although the self-proclaimed group claims to be engaging in “hacktivism” for political protest, sometimes associated with a recent incident, the reality is that this group is now behaving with unrestrained abuse, intimidation, denial of rights, and violation of privacy of anyone on the radar. They are data mining online comments and targeting them in the cyberworld with hacking and organized-crime-like intrusions into their freedoms.

These people are anarchists who are cyber rioting. Regardless of the false flag they raise for their cause, they have shown that they will
overtake even the US government’s computers. They are also interfering with the free speech of people on public media sites by interfering with posting of public comments.

As retaliation for my civil criticism of some of their tactics, I was hacked and my freedom to post on Twitter, Reuters, and other sites
is obstructed 90% of the time. Today, I received an email from a stranger with my photo hacked from private records.

Please recognize that this is the tip of an iceberg which would
put a deep gash on the US flagship “Titanic” if this country is not
wise and responsive. Our nation runs on computers and they are NOT
merely targeting government for political purposes.

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Animated wrote:

“We are in the process of a comprehensive assessment to determine what information might have been obtained in this incident,” said Federal Reserve spokesman Jim Strader. “We remain confident that this incident did not affect critical operations of the Federal Reserve.”

This is a complete contradiction…how can you still be assessing what information was obtained…BUT be confident that critical operations were not affected????? If you dont know the full extent of the hack…how can you be confident about anything?

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