Microsoft Surface Pro gets tough early reviews

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cyke1 wrote:

What are chances that if this was something by Apple, exact same, just put an apple logo on it, And I bet 1000$ it would get rave reviews. It would be called one the greatest apple products to date.

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SkateNY wrote:

Apple already has that product. It’s called a MacBook Air.

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StigTW wrote:

I guess there is a reason Lenovo’s Yoga is flying off the shelves, more battery life, functional as notebook or tablet. Quite versatile surprisingly sells well despite the higher price tag.

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ShiroiKarasu wrote:

They charged as much as an Apple product? Are they crazy? MS doesn’t have the brand identity to do that. Or the actual level of quality, as apparently reviewers are saying.

At least they can go back to the drawing board and come back with something better next time.

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ShiroiKarasu wrote:

They charged as much as an Apple product? Are they crazy? MS doesn’t have the brand identity to do that. Or the actual level of quality, as apparently reviewers are saying.

At least they can go back to the drawing board and come back with something better next time.

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kymera wrote:

No worries. Some third party will make a new stiff keyboard that can support the weight of the Surface and include a battery in it with some extra USB ports and video ports. Maybe even incorporate Kinect like technology. Kinda like the ASUS Transformer keyboard but better. I think I might go out and buy a couple of Surface with my income tax return.

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kymera wrote:

They should have tested MineCraft on it!!!!!

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Dataday wrote:

Well lets put it into perspective. A wacom cintiq, which is just a monitor with a wacom pen digitizer built into it runs anywhere from $999 (for their 12 inch version) to $3500+ for their 24hd version.

Toss in a high density HD display (one of the few bragging 1080p at that size), touch based interaction and some decent hardware..

Its actually NOT a bad price. While this may not appeal to the average consumer looking for a traditional laptop…it pretty much is at the top of the list for those who know how much wacom enabled displays cost and wish to use it for both art and business.

The two best alternatives are the Lenovo Helix, which is upwards of $1499 and the Razer Edge, which is a power house with options but lacks a wacom digitizer, that should run between the two in price factor.

A lot of complainers just dont understand the pros and cons of what Microsoft is offering. You dont get wacom touch HD portable computers with that build quality for under $1000. If you wont use the feature set, then theres no point in looking at that kind of device.

On that note, I would like to point out that surface touchpad keyboards have been seen as low as $80 online, and this might drop over time.

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Fill wrote:

Take a laptop, make the display smaller, reduce the drive capacity, remove the keyboard, halve the battery life and add a touch screen and stylus? All for $900? No thanks.

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crammy wrote:

I’m gonna wait till it goes on sale for $99.00 like the HP touch pad.

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britinokinawa wrote:

Microsoft has failed miserably at producing hardware. It’s very difficult to see quite where the company is going at the moment.

It’s got Apple envy so bad, it tried to produce an iPod – Zune, an iPad – Surface, and now a MacBook Air.

Microsoft has ceased to be relevant.

They just don’t get it.

I’m sorry but, the Surface and the Surface pro are both junk. Terrible battery life. Huge clunky monsters. For those who really have to run Windows, the MacBook Air is faster, has MUCH longer battery performance and YOU REALLY DON’T NEED a touch screen AND a mouse AND a keyboard.

The MacBook Air’s trackpad is much nearer the keyboard, you get a full ten hours battery life and the whole thing is MUCH lighter.

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ntzphyr wrote:

It seems the biggest gripes are about using it on your lap and of using it on a desk, 2 things that are never mentioned with the iPad. Why is it so much more comfortable to use an iPad in your lap? And why is the iPad so much better to use on a desk? And why is the price of the keyboard an issue when the iPad also forces you to buy a keyboard.
@ reviewers, please, get real. It’s becoming old hat. Truth is, transformers and convertibles are a better solution.

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cause4concern wrote:

There on the right track with the surface, really enjoy my surface rt, bit slow but otherwise great, find myself working on it more and more, with great battery life (which will hopefully happen with the haswell processor) I will purchase a pro version down the line, depending on the wait I might by one now, hah. The form factor is currently near perfect for me.

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cause4concern wrote:

The only thing putting me off buying a Pro is the battery, this will hopefully be resolved with the new Haswell processors down the line. Form factor is near perfect, really enjoy the Surface RT, just needs more apps and more grunt. But long battery, movie playback and ability for me to work off more and more I cant complain.

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sroughley wrote:

Bloody Critics! Where do they come from? Are they deployed en-masse by Apple to infest the technology world with Apple loving propaganda? Just look at the user reviews (not critics reviews) on any website that sells the Surface WinRT and you find an outpouring of users praising the product.

This ISN’T an iPad contender and it was NEVER intended to be. The Surface (both WinRT and Pro) are productivity tools. They are not media consumption devices, rather they are designed for people who, you know, have work to do; not piss around with games and piano apps.

I really expected more from Reuters but it seems objectivity is not expected in the technology world.

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EdwinCombs wrote:

Microsoft is lost without Bill Gates. Actually, I’m enjoying all these bad reviews of Windows 8 and all the hardware that’s came with it. I would love to see another OS rise up and compete with windows. Apple could do it, but they don’t seem to be honestly trying. It would really be nice to see a more open freer OS like one of the Linux Distros move up or better yet, Android to move to the desktop. I truly believe Android could reaally do good on the desktop.

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A vastly overpriced and incompatible little annoyance. Why don’t MSFT and RIM just get it over with and merge? Windows 8 will cost Ballmer his CEO position and be his legacy.

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thpe123321 wrote:

The “Surface with Windows 8 Pro”, as it is officially called, is available from Saturday.

Can you believe anything this idiot says after he butchers the English language like the above statement

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DannyGreen wrote:

I have a Surface RT and I cannot wait to get a Pro! I have done the homework and I disagree with the author’s opinions. Just that, the author has a lot of opinions and not really backed up with good facts.

Comparatively speaking, the battery life on the Surface Pro falls in line with the other i5 OEM offerings; however, its form factor is much better.

Over and over again I read about folks complaining about issues putting a Surface on your lap with its keyboard. Hey, its not made for that! Is an ipad supposed to go on your lap with a keyboard?

Guys, get real. When you are in tablet mode, you don’t whip out a keyboard and set it on your lap. It folds behind the unit, turns all the keys off and acts just like an iPad (without a keyboard, duh!)

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Jameson4Lunch wrote:

Windows 8 is just a badly designed UI. It takes twice the clicks and 4 times the mouse travel distance to do the same thing you could in previous iterations. Maybe I’d feel differently if I was using a touch device, but it’s just horrid for mouse and keyboard. The only thing MS got right with the latest version of Windows was the Server Core 2012 installation.

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Regular wrote:

Real waste of money. After being a long time user of Microsoft, I am finally moving away from their OS as far as possible. On IPAD or Android, you make a simple tap, the screen shows next page of application icons. On Windows 8, you have to swipe and swipe and swipe to reach the next page. Very poor UI-user interaction. The Internet browser experience is also awful – worse than the next bad experience which is Google Chrome on Android. Using IPAD – unbelievably, I don’t have anything to complain about.

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Ditto with @regular except that Win8 is also ridiculously unstable. I was working with some SD chips for my new Android tablets while trying to update my iPod – crashed Win8 three times in about 30 minutes. The only thing it does better than 7 is reboot faster.

I’m down to one MS device, for legacy purposes, mostly management of my storage farm, everything else is Android and iOS, and they don’t crash. Saw where there is now a Linux port for Android and that’s really the end for MS. I’ve tried to explain the problems to MS employees and all I get is their usual company line, reminds me of guys I knew at Sun Microsystems.

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GA_Chris wrote:

Personally, i think all Apple products suck (i have ipads and iphones0 and will never buy another one due to their limitations… and i think many people are like me.

However, I would not buy one of these… The Surface simply is not what is needed…

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proph wrote:

i find it odd that reuters would write and article with negative snip-its from long winded reviews all over the web. if you read any review there are large sections about the positives but this article doesn’t mention any of those. so much for balanced journalism.
I read a lot of reviews today about the surface and i find this reuters article odd in it is written in a way that is mostly taken out of context to it’s sources, almost like it has an agenda and will only use parts of sentences instead of the broader context to try and make a point.

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nemesis4670 wrote:

“@SkateNY Apple already has that product. It’s called a MacBook Air.”

A MacBook Air costs more money for the same specs as a Surface Pro, without the tablet form factor. It does not detach from the keyboard, uses flash memory, only has a 720p display, and runs Mac OS which is terrible for gaming and customization.

Surface Pro has 128GB Solid State Drive, has a 1080p cleartype display, runs a better operating system for gaming and business, functions as a tablet with a kickstand, has a touch cover that is pressure sensitive and turns off when you flip it behind the tablet and lets you rest your palms on it without typing keys on accident, has a great stylus pen and drawing capabilities, and is overall a way better looking device.

The Surface Pro looks like an industrial tool whereas the Macbook Pro has a very feminine clamshell look to it. It may appeal to some but just isn’t my preference at all. I like dark colors and the magnesium alloy on the Surface Pro looks awesome!

The 4hr battery life is only if you’re running some intensive software. On the go you’d be using the metro start screen and basic apps so the battery would last longer.

Plus I’m betting that someone releases a keyboard dock that actually grips the tablet and lets you adjust viewing angles and rest it on your lap. Then they could also add battery life with the keyboard like they do with the ASUS Infinity tablet.

I’ll be picking up my 128GB model this saturday!

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