Bulgarian opposition questions blaming of Hezbollah for bomb

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Invictuss wrote:

the whole affair is nothing but a mockery…the bulgarians may as well refer to the radical islam that will eventually separate south bulgaria in a new islamic state within 20-30 years

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Invictuss wrote:

Population is far less than 7.3m more like 6.4 and the turks are 20%+ people check before you write

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Hezbollah: terrorists or Freedom Fighters?

The BBC World Service reports today that a new movie, ‘The Gatekeepers’, shortly to be on general release in the US and Israel, makes the tacit admission that, notwithstanding Netanyahu’s intransigence, many Israelis recognise that today’s so-called ‘terrorists’ may well be tomorrow’s ‘freedom fighters’.

The Gatekeepers, a 2012 documentary film by director, Dror Moreh, that offers this conclusion, tells the story of the Israeli Shin Bet from the perspective of six former heads of Israel’s secretive internal security service and is an astonishing volte face that is causing turmoil in the minds of Israelis from across the political spectrum.

In 1946/8, the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Zionist militant organisation who perpetrated the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the massacre at Deir Yassin which brutally killed hundreds of civilians, both British and Arab, and who were officially designated ‘terrorists’, are now celebrated, at least in Israel, as ‘freedom fighters’. One was even made Prime Minister!

Maybe Israel is finally coming to the obvious conclusion that its policy of occupation and suppression is not only inhuman but horribly misconceived by a country that claims to be a democracy. Maybe this cathartic revelation by senior figures in the Israeli establishment will finally force the Likud government to end the illegal settlements and bring about an independent state for the largest indigenous people of the region, the Muslim Arabs.

 In 1948 Israel’s IRGUN was a ‘terrorist organisation’: but in 1958, were renamed as ‘freedom fighters’.
 In 1953 Kenya’s MAU MAU was a ‘terrorist organisation’: but in 1963, were also renamed as ‘freedom fighters’.

Both Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Gaza’s Hamas have been termed ‘terrorists’. How long before these militants will also be recognised as fighters for freedom and self-determination, or is that a little premature?

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