Japan says Russia intruded air space; Russia denies charge

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Globalman wrote:

Vestiges of the Cold War!

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StigTW wrote:

Does Japan have any neighbour they don’t have a dispute with? Sounds like it’s neighbours have had enough of the Kool-aid.

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InYourFaceUSA wrote:

When will the Russians learn? Its not like we haven’t seen it before, after WW2 the Russian land-grab swallowed up a good portion of central Europe and parts of Western Europe and that didn’t end until well after the Russians tried to starve to death the women and children of Eastern German, which resulted in the Berlin Airlift. The bottom line is the Islands belonged to the Japanese as per the 1855 Treaty of Shimoda, but did that stop another land-grab by Russia?? The USA had every right to keep Japan after WW2 according to Kremlin philosophy but what did the good people of America do? They poured money into Japan and West Germany and never once attempted to seize their territory. The USA could have also seized the Philippines for that matter but did not. I beg the question – When will Russia mature and realize seizing others territory such as Japan’s Kuril Islands, Georgia’s South Ossetia and Abkhazia are behaviors best left in the past, when will Russia learn to grow up and stop acting like the bully in the school yard who steals the little children’s lunches??

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garagehero wrote:

This is silly. The islands that russia seized at the end of WW2 are of no use to them and are obviously part of Japan. If the tables were turned, you can believe that the russians would be crying like little girls right now. Also, the russians have no right to these island….the former soviet union did almost nothing to help the allies when it came to fighting Japan. The Untied States did most of the fighting in the Pacific. The rusians tok over these islands AFTER the US had defeated Japan. Stig and salo, you both are halfwits. First of all, its Japan’s neighbors, china and russia who are agressively bullying their smaller neighbors, but against an unafraid and technologically advanced Japan, they have run into a brick wall, and as for Japan seking territoies that are not their own, please re-read this article. These islands belong to Japan.

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stevedebi wrote:

In the interest of historical facts:

The Japanese were on the US side in WWI.

The lead up to WWII was caused by a militarist faction in China, which does not exist today. The Japanese are now a nation motivated by economics, not military conquest. That being said, there is a lot of ill will by surrounding nations over what happened in the 1930-1945 time frame.

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Russian land grab? Please what is America then if one takes away the original 13 colonies all other land is grabed one way or another. Americans are funny people. Japan was the enemy of America who bombed Peral Harbor, Russia was an American ally who fought the same enemies. After defeating Hitler it declared war on Japan as per the agreement. It mobilized millions of soldiers on its eastern border and kicked the Japanese from Manchuria. This was probably more a factor of Japanese surrearnder then dropping nukes. Because Japan lost its entire army!!!! in Manchuria.
The islands are lost to Japan. Russia has submarine bases on those islands and the people that live there are Russian, Russian stores, Russian signs. The only way Japan will get those islands is through armed conflict, hope they can win?

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Russians are very good at escalate conflicts.

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UauS wrote:

If China and Japan continue their dispute as aggressively as they do it now, unfortunately, there inevitably will be war, which will decide what belongs to whom. As this incident shows now, Russians decided to help China to harass Japanese… so, there is a little doubt that Russia, the USA and some other “interested parties” will be involved in war.
I guess, that’s what our Human History tells us…

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Janeallen wrote:

A superficial answer is yes. But:

According to James Bradley, the famous Japanese war crimes whitewasher, he has reviewed our documents, and discovered that Presidents MOnroe, President Roosevelt and Taft, had goaded the Japanese to invade, and to make up fake incidents prior to invading Korea, Taiwan, and Manchuria, with the intention of taking over China, under the premise of civilizing China, just like we had done in the Philippines.
(See: The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire And War. 1st ed., 2009. Little Brown & Co. pages 184).

We tricked the Korean Emperor that we will be protecting them, instead of the Chinese. Instead of protecting them, we turned them over to Japan, believing that Japan will be our agent in Asia. However, the Japanese had other ideas. They brutally ruled Korea, raping, torturing and denied those crimes to us. Hence the recent:

NY Times Editorial criticizing Japan for denying war crimes, particularly the war crimes of sex slaves in Korea.

New York State has actually passed a resolution, condemning the Japanese recent declaration of intention to deny its war crimes in WWII.

Abe declares its intention to alter its Constitution to wage war.

This fake incident is right out of the history books of what Japan typically did, and according to James Bradley, unfortunately, first learned to fake these kind of incidents from us! Believe is or not.

OBAMA: WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO ATONE THE WAR CRIMES WE DIRECTLY DRAGGED JAPAN INTO, GOADED JAPAN INTO; otherwise, we will go down in history as the hated leader in Asia.

CONGRESS AND OBAMA ARE ON COURSE IN MAKING ASIA OUR IRAQ IN THE EAST BY OFFERING ARMS TO JAPAN, WHICH HAS JUST DECLARED INTENTION IN “RE_FIGHTING” ALL THE BATTLES IN WWII AND WIN. If history repeats itself, Japan will take our military technology, conquer, ravage, commit crimes against humanity in Asia as “our ally”, alienating many Asians against the United States, then it will turn on us with the military tactics, equipment, secrets we shared with, and entrusted it.

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Janeallen wrote:

That’s why we should not and cannot get involved with Japan.

Japan has no moral grounds. Yes. Worse than us, as much as we are criticized for our foreign policy, we have folks like we evaluating our conscience in our Asian policy, and Democracy Now evaluating our Middle Eastern, Afghanistan, policies, our drone policies, etc

Japan has none of these, not at our level. So it is a VERY dangerous country to supply arms to.

Our defense treaty does not cover these disputed islands between Japan & Russia. And even the AP Japanese reporter, who reported these news said ” JUST IN TIME”, implying that if we don’t turn the Congressional decision around, Japan will use the weapons we send it, to fight Russia. That will be a disaster for the world. And the world will blame us.

Our defense treaty covers the defense of Japan but there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO THREAT for Japan proper to be invaded. Japan is stirring up argument with every one of its neighbors, specifically over every Potsdam Conference decision on borders after Japan surrendered unconditionally to us as far as land borders. It insisted on keeping its Emperor, but it was an UNCONDITIONAL surrender as far as land borders.

Its current border dispute with Russia, South Korea and with China are ALL direct challenges against the Potsdam Conference land arrangement.

I understand that we in America want to out-compete China; as such, many have the wishful thinking that Japan can be our agent to beat China militarily. However, if we look at history, EVERY time we think we are using Japan as an agent, Japan used us against our interest, at least long term interest in the regions. Japan understands our psyche, and used us against other Asians. That’s why Japan makes so many Asian “burn”, as even James Fallows admit he is baffled with. Americans are baffled. All baffled Americans should NOT be giving any advice about our Asian foreign policy, because it is tell tale sign that those folks, like Fallows are misled by many myths that Japan had planted in our psyche, like an addiction in one way, and like seeing a mirage, and cannot tell the difference.

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Janeallen wrote:

CapnJack: The current border is set by the arrangement after Japan surrendered to Russia and to us. Russia contributed by entering the war, pushing Japan to surrender, along with the effects of the A-bomb.

JAPAN is MAKING A LAND GRAB, BY DECLARING ITS INTENTION TO GO TO WAR, TO “RE-FIGHT” WWII, and recover land it agreed to surrender at the end of WWII. THAT underlies EVERY ONE of land dispute initiated by Japan right now.

Japan was Hitler’s allies in WWII.

In short, Japan is engaging in a revision of neo-Nazism.

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Janeallen wrote:


WWII was not caused by a military faction in China.

You are SO full of universally condemned Japanese propaganda!!!

Japan attempted to start the WWII with the Mukden Incident. Japan planted a bomb on its own railway. ( It’s in Manchuria, part of China, and was run by a Japanese company.) Japan faked it, blaming it on a Chinese dissident faction, so as to invade China. It led to forced withdrawal of Japan from the League of Nations, when the truth was revealed. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukden_Incident

Just to make you realize how far off you are, the entire WWII fighting between China and Japan was fought in China. In other words, Japan invaded China. It wasn’t until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and we won in Europe, before Truman decided that the quickest way to end the war in Asia is to invade Japan proper. Otherwise Japan would have killed tens of millions more, of its own people, civilians, as well as soldiers defending Japanese invasion.

Do some reading.

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NeilMcGowan wrote:

Japan, the nutcase neocon nation – led by Abe, the Nazi crook.

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NeilMcGowan wrote:


When will the USA grow up?

When will your SCUM NATION close its torture camp at Guantanamo? When will your butthole country amend its gun laws?

When will loudmouth yankee scum like you SHUT YOUR MOUTH???

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