Productivity declines most in nearly two years

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

There is a limit to how cruel you can be to the mule and then it will stop hauling your load.

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MikeBarnett wrote:

The US economy went into recession in the 4th quarter of 2012, and it will not recover for a while. The upper 1% cannot drive the US or any other economy. They won’t eat more eggs for breakfast, drive 2 or more cars to work each day, or spend enough money in enough shops and other businesses to drive the economy. The US should move some tax revenues from increases on the 1% to the Small Business Administration, so the US can have more entrepreneurs with new ideas for new products to hire new workers with new paychecks to become customers and tax payers.

Current US workers aren’t paid enough to drive the US economy the way they did before, and that won’t change because the US 1% remains too greedy and short-sighted. The US 1% only sees one quarter at a time and doesn’t think ahead. The recession squeezed out the middle class, so the US slowly becomes a “banana republic” with a few rich people on top while everyone else stays poor.

China announced some changes in taxes that my partners and I, who are solid members of the 1% in China, support because we can make more profits with more customers than if we hoard everything for ourselves. It spurs us to develop new ideas for making new and better products to improve the lives of our customers. We don’t cut wages and raise hours that our workers don’t want because our workers are loyal customers who give us guaranteed sales in tough times. Henry Ford did the same for his workers and created a loyal customer base, but he died long ago, and the current US 1% is too short-sighted to learn strategies for long-term success.

We left the US in 1999 and avoided the greedy crimes of US technology, corporate, and financial leaders. We have no plans to return at this time. We cannot recommend the US as a safe place for investment.

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jrj906202 wrote:

I think this is a short term negative.As companies replace workers with robots and other labor saving machinery,productivity should soar.That is the best way to compete with China and other low wage countries.

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