House Democrats unveil gun control package; mirrors Obama's

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txguy2112 wrote:

I see that once again the big lie that the AR 15 was used in the school shooting is repeated. Josef would be so proud of you

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hickymo wrote:

Why is it the liberals like to quote Jefferson when they want to tell the rest of how to live? I suggest they read what he had to say about the 2nd Amendment. What he had to say why we the people needed to arm ourselves. He knew about government tyranny then. Not just Hitler, Castro, Chavez, Holder, etc.

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akrozbi wrote:

These proposals seek one thing… an end run around the Second Amendment. They are not about background checks (which we already have), magazine limits, or safety issues. They are promoted as one thing while their intent is to do another.

Should we be asking ourselves if Paul Revere had liability insurance on his horse. Did Nathan Hale take a gun safety course. Did George Washington require ammunition limits at Valley Forge.

The AR15 is the common man’s musket of today. Oppress freedom at your peril.

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RodTy wrote:

There is nothing “common sense” about the proposed ban. Take into consideration that many voters believe the “assault” rifles to be banned are actually military rifles – full automatic or select

fire (3 round bursts) – not the semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) military “style” or “type” rifle. Voters should take the time to actually read Senator Feinstein’s proposed bill to see the

cosmetic and ergonomically different accessories that would define an “assault” weapon.

There are existing laws covering actual military weapons, like grenade/rocket launchers and fully automatic/select fire firearms. Listing these things that would actually make a weapon more

lethal just makes it seem like the proposed ban would actually accomplishing something.

A Corvette “style” golf cart is still just a golf cart. Likewise, a military “style” hunting/competition/personal defense rifle is still just a hunting/competition/personal defense rifle. The military

looking accessories does not alter that fact and do not increase the fire power to make a weapon more lethal.

A pistol grip and/or front grip, designed to make an actual military rifle easier to control under full automatic or select fire, will not enable an civilian rifle to shoot like a military rifle. They are

just ergonomically different than standard grips and “looks cool” to many shooters – strictly cosmetic.

A barrel shield, designed to make an actual military rifle easier to hold with the heat build up under full automatic fire, will not enable an civilian rifle to shoot like a military rifle. It just looks

different than the standard wood/synthetic forestock, which many shooters think “looks cool”.

The threaded barrel would allow some accessories that are also used by the military. A flash suppressor, designed to help the shooter from being temporily blinded (loss of night vision), has

benefit in personal defense, night competition and if legal in certain areas, night hunting. It does not make a weapon more lethal, just helps a shooter retain vision at night. A silencer could

also be attached, but there are already laws restricting them, so additional legislation is unnecessary and redundant. The prior ban listed bayonet mount that may be part of this category. I

have never heard of this being used in any mass murders, and cannot even recall the last time I saw any news coverage having troups with bayonets. Also, a couple of pipe connector clamps

at a hardware store would be just as effective, and probably cheaper.

Folding stocks make a rifle easier to store or transport and telescoping stocks make a rifle ergonomically more comfortable, allowing the stock to more closely match the distance between the

shoulder and shooter’s hand. They do not make a weapon more lethal.

How could elimination of any of these accessories reduce fatalities or even occurances?

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Concernedcitz wrote:

If it bans assault weapons, then by golly I’m 300% for it and I wrote and told my congresswoman to vote for it to ban all assault weapons. Anything less is worse than pathetic and our country will suffer many many more such mass losses in the years to follow if we don’t stop the carnage now.

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B_Paul wrote:

I will never vote for another democrat. It is that simple. They betrayed me and their oath.

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informedctzn wrote:

“Concernedcitz” wrote that he wants “assault weapons” banned. Well, I’m a life NRA member and I agree we should limit availability of assault weapons too. That means, limits on FULLY AUTOMATIC MILITARY WEAPONS. Oh wait, there already ARE limits on those. Have been for years. And the ones available are so costly, nobody can afford them.

You liberals ought to do some research into what a real assault weapon is. No military member would consider assaulting anything with a AR15.

These proposals are a typical liberal smoke-screen. When the people don’t agree to their plans, confuse them and push it through. You realize this “assault weapon ban” proposal has been laying in wait since mid-2012 for a “opportunity” ? It has little to do with the Sandy Hook horror.

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jaham wrote:

I sure wish they’d impose gun controls in Chicago….wait a minute…

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goingbust wrote:

“I’m here to tell you the world has changed since 1994,” Biden said.

Well, at least he is right on this one thing. Support for the right to own a gun has actually increased a great deal since 1994. So there is that change. It’s going to be impossible to pass this law. Boehner will never even allow it to be debated.

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cscoSX wrote:

To Concernedcitz: It amazes me that so many (like you) choose to ignore
the lessons of history. Registration/seizure will not make America safer. IF some whack-job wants to kill, he’ll find a way. Likely that
it’ll be more devastating than what can be accomplished with a gun.
Meanwhile, the average disarmed citizen will be an easier “mark” for typical criminals. IF you look at homicide rates and violent crime in
those countries where guns are banned, you will see that firearms violence did decrease, but Violent Crime and Homicide increased the total by as much as 3X the “pre-ban” totals. Check it out.

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Oh B-Paul, you voted for Bush and he betrayed all of American and Americans.

The pledged to work for all Americans … yet republicans worked against you by filibustering record times and made getting rid of Obama a priortiy over the good of the American people.

Those Republicans voted into office in 2012 promised to fight for more jobs … and never lifted a finger to that end.

B-Paul, you do not know what betrayal means if you still vote Republican. And you likely have never read the constitution other than the bits that are displayed and used by the NRA.

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freddyshaw wrote:

Beware congressmen. We are watching you on how you treat our Constitution and our inalienable rights.

Infringe covers a lot of territory and there is getting to be more and more of us who are learning of the fallacy of prohibition especially when you can only prohibit the large general population who are law abiding and many of us don’t like the idea of losing our rights to protect ourselves.

Times are changing thanks to the internet and social network and news blogs. So! politicians: pay attention

Change the criminal and the reason he does what he does. Look at your “war on drugs” and see how it has effected ours and other countries. Examine the pharmacy industry and their role in these psychotic killings.

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gregbrew56 wrote:

Window dressing. Hand waving. Feel-good.


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informedctzn wrote:

“youniquelikeme” – got the message. “It’s all George Bush’s fault”.

Same message used by liberals in the last election. You are another “smokescreener” and off the topic of discussion here.

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russellwaz wrote:

Half of the problem could be solved today if our President had courage! Both President Bush and Clinton had assault weapon import bans in place WITHOUT Congress! All we need is a President with a spine and ZERO weapons, parts and magazines could be imported. Don’t give me in blah blah that it is all made in USA. Almost all AK47 type rifles, all assault shotguns and virtually all magazines for AK47 rifles are imported or made with imported parts. Our President to cut these deadly weapons off TODAY with the stroke of pen. For who those don’t believe he can do it without Congress please Google Bush assault weapon ban and read the New York Times from the 1980′s. HE CAN DO IT! For some reason he chooses not too! It seems to me his words don’t match his actions. Also, why won’t ANYONE in the media ask the Whitehouse about an import ban? Well Reuters? Where are your “hard hitting” questions?? Anyone? Stop making excuses for our President and press for action!

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HyperRatt wrote:

the media just cant make the leap to tell the truth .their was no AR-15 in the school . The Medical examiners report even backs it up. Some of the CT state police have came forward with same thing. The video they through in our face of the gun being taken out of the trunk was clearly a shot gun .The other pictures of AR-15 they were going to release didnt happen (ok except for MSNBC’s photoshopped one).Come on Reuters i expected better from you!!!!!!!!

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tombarnes wrote:

I lived in DC for over twenty years. They had the strictest gun control laws in the nation.
The law abiding citizens or Washington DC are known to have the best peripheral vision in the United States.

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ConradU812 wrote:

Look! A diversion! Let’s not discuss our guttering economy, cities going bankrupt, U.S. citizens being targeted for assassination by the government, or our uncontrolled borders.

If, after all the corruption in our political system that has become evident over the years from BOTH sides of the aisle, you still the government knows what’s best for us, then you’re hopeless.

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PsychoGlory wrote:

Anti-gun people don’t listen to reason, they are purely basing their want for gun control on emotions and lack of knowledge and even when presented with the truth, they disregard it or say it’s not true. It’s like trying to argue with retards…. Smart people know gun control doesn’t do anything but disarm the good law abiding people. But the anti-gun people think gun control means less crime, which is just not true at all, not even close. They live their sheltered lives and have no idea what’s really going on outside in the world. Truth is the only thing that actually stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. They think the police will protect them, heh, idiots. Law enforcement is reactive, so they get there after you are dead and write a report and then look for your killer to bring to justice. A smart person would prefer to not get killed in the first place and learn to protect themselves. An idiot thinks nothing bad will ever happen to them. Quickest way to change an anti-gun person to a pro-gun person is to let someone try to kill them. If they live, they always want to buy a gun the next day, go figure.

2013 will be 45 years of Gun laws and Gun bans. All of which were going to make America safer, and all of which have failed.
Talk about being, “Stuck On Stupid”.

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Dragos111 wrote:

This is the one issue that will bring the conservative movement back to life. Any politician who votes for this will see his last term end. Vote these guys OUT.

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Dragos111 wrote:

Senator Mark Kirk is sponsoring a bill that will define and penalize gun trafficking. That is the kind of bill that we need on the gun control issue. It actually goes after the bad guys, not the good guys. It puts bad guys away for a long time when they are caught. Bills like that have a chance of solving the crime and violence problem. Bills like Obama’s and the Dem’s have no effect on crime or violence. They will, in fact, do just the opposite. The population of potential victims will explode. Unarmed targets of opportunity will abound. It will be free pickings for the bad guys.

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akrozbi wrote:


Even if the majority of Americans did own firearms that doesn’t change what is right or fair.

I dispute that since “we liberals, progressives” get to make the rules. Society as a whole makes laws for the good of the whole not just for the party currently in power. Think where that would lead us. The SCOTUS would check who is in power and then decide the merits of the case? I don’t think so. Think through what you say.

This isn’t about magazine limits, universal registration or trying to reduce crime. What is going on here is an assault on gun ownership through the back door. Saying one thing while doing another.

No thanks.

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akrozbi wrote:

This isn’t infringement is it? It’s an all out assault.
Call it what it is.

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cbj wrote:

Let’s take a look at things that the government has already baned and see how well they have done.
1) Drugs.
Epic fail, the war on drugs is laughable and just the other day Reuters pointed out an amusing link between Unions and Medical Marijuana
“Insight: Shrinking U.S. labor unions see relief in marijuana industry”
Any normal person has to give this program of baning ‘controlled substances’ a big giant fail.
2) Prostitution
Sorry, but that too is on the rise. They just call it “Sex Work” so as to give it a patina of professionalism. ABC had a report on it as did FOX and CBS. Sad thing is that it is affecting the young as that is where it seems to be rising-teens and Med students. Another Fail.
3) Steroids
Gee, lets waste more tax payer money and clean up the sports industry that just seems to find new ways to hide the use and to make testing impossible. Fail
4) Illegal Immigration
Sorry, ‘undocumented’. We all know how that is going to turn out. Fail
5) Human trafficing
You’ve read the papers and watched the news. You know what’s up so why pretend-it too is on the rise.

Sorry, but the idea that banning something leads to a positive result is an illusion.

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cfulbright wrote:

Would any of these proposals have stopped Sandy Hook? Or Gabby Gifford? Or Columbine? Or the Denver movie theater?

On the other hand, what are the Democrats doing to prevent what happened at Fort Hood?

But as long as he surrounds himself with children at press conferences and reads tearful letters, Obama can sell this snake-oil.

Washington DC has stringent gun control. And a gun high murder rate.

Chicago has stringent gun control. And a high gun murder rate.

Baltimore has stringent gun control. And a high gun murder rate.

Utah has loose gun control. And a low gun murder rate.

Maybe it really is true that “People kill people”.

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cfulbright wrote:

Would any of these proposals have stopped Sandy Hook? Or Gabby Gifford? Or Columbine? Or the Denver movie theater?

On the other hand, what are the Democrats doing to prevent what happened at Fort Hood?

But as long as he surrounds himself with children at press conferences and reads tearful letters, Obama can sell this snake-oil.

Washington DC has stringent gun control. And a gun high murder rate.

Chicago has stringent gun control. And a high gun murder rate.

Baltimore has stringent gun control. And a high gun murder rate.

Utah has loose gun control. And a low gun murder rate.

Maybe it really is true that “People kill people”.

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MikeyLikesIt wrote:

You gotta love the hypocrisy of people like “Speaker2″

They rant and rave and scream about the “rights” of certain minorities like gay marriage or illegal immigration but if you’re a “minority” gun owner (who actually has rights enumerated in the Constitution) then clearly your rights are subject to the whim of the party in charge.

I also love how voting for the losing party somehow makes you a second class citizen. Please lead me to the nearest re-education camp Comrade Commissar!!!

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Tuscar wrote:

An actual good discussion, let’s keep it civil.

Not all Democrats or Liberals are for gun bans, so please do not lump us all together. I am all for tougher background checks, mental health screenings, and more education requirements involving gun ownership.
However, attempting to ban weapons like the AR-15, which is just a glorified hunting rifle that looks like a military weapon is posturing, as this weapon is no more dangerous than any other hand gun or rifle. It is specifically designed to be veritably impossible to be converted to a true military weapon, it is like a V-6 Corvette, It looks like a Corvette, but is really just a plain old Chevy…

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texoman wrote:

Speaker2- What you are not understanding is President Obama would not have been elected if he had let us Liberals know about his gun control ideas before the election! Not every Democrat or Liberal wants new gun control laws! Candidate Obama told us we had adequate gun laws before he was elected! Now, I like many other Liberals wish we could get our votes back. A Admenment to our Constitution is the only right, legal way to settle this issue witout bloodshed and or doing harm to the Democratic Party!

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freddyshaw wrote:

Hey Speaker2: You need to do your own research.

Feb 07, 2013 5:21pm EST  --  Report as abuse
freddyshaw wrote:


Synonyms: borrow, breach, break, contravene, crash, disobey, encroach, entrench, impose, infract, intrude, invade, lift, meddle, obtrude, offend, pirate, presume, steal, transgress, trespass
Notes: to impinge is to come into contact or encroach or have an impact; to infringe is to encroach on a right or privilege or to violate

This covers a lot of ground. It’s like texoman said above: “An amendment to our Constitution is the only right, legal way to settle this issue”.

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Speaker2 wrote:

Actually guys it doesn’t require a new amendment to the constitution, just a change in the make up of the Supreme Court and guess what the second amendment can be looked at in a different light.

No apology here, we are a country with 300-million guns living in one of the most violent countries in the world. No other country comes close in gun related deaths that we have in the US and you guys think more guns are a solution?

Do I want guns completely banned? no, but I would love to see something along with the gun restrictions England has.

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akrozbi wrote:

It is my belief that justices on SCOTUS are supposed to interpret law and precedent not figure out the outcome they want and then write the opinion.

Maybe some of the people in England would like to enjoy some of the firearms rights that we have in the US. The grass in always greener…

Did you read Heller and McDonald like I suggested?

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bluehammer wrote:

I’m a registered Democrat. But i will vote out (vote republican if needed) if any dem votes for any gun control. Period

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DeanM.Jackson wrote:

A “ban on semi-automatic assault weapons”? Why would the Democratic Party wish to make life easier for Chinese troops when they invade the United States via Mexico later this decade, after the fraudulent collapse of the Chinese Communist government (following the last major Communist disinformation operation…the fraudulent collapse of the USSR in 1991, both disinformation operations falling under the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” and more subtle strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 to defeat the West with.)?

Now you know why there were so many mass shooting in 2012 using assault rifles. The Communists’ timetable is running short and action is needed now urgently, otherwise such an invasion of the United States will be untenable.

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billt84 wrote:

They are not clips !!!!! They are Magazines!!A clip is something totally different. Why is it that people that know nothing about guns , not even how to talk about them, think they have enough brains to regulate them!!

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ConstFundie wrote:

Exactly akrozbi, Speaker and some of the Dems, giddy with power of winning an election, believe that warping an interpretation of the US Constitution to fit what they wish to mandate is proper Governing. Simply a matter of getting the right SCOTUS members in to rewrite the Constitution? That is pathetically dishonorable and despotic thinking straight out of Bush and Cheney’s playbook, look how it turned out for them.

Obama and the Dems think people will forget, so did the GOP. Obama and Biden only look honest and intelligent in contrast to Romney and Ryan, and to pathological liars and anti-intellectuals in general.

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Joe-The-Guy wrote:

1,000 more of our children? Seriously? Do you know how long it would take 1,000 children to be killed by “assault” type weapons owned legally or illegally by US civilians? Well at the current rate of 2 kids per a year, that would be 500 years.

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tjordanchat wrote:

There is one thing that we all know — Something has to be done — the time of inaction is gone — something has got to be done.

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txguy2112 wrote:


You said (in part): “This isn’t infringement is it? It’s an all out assault.”

In that case this bill being a weapon used in that assault makes it an assault weapon let’s ban it.

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JustASec wrote:

Finally someone is attacking the right problem!

“We have a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem.” Joe Rogan

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MetalHead8 wrote:

Who is OBama to lie about us responable gun owners knowing that bans will protect children. we know very well this wont stop them and he Murdered 176 kids over seas with drones. Impeach Obama, this is disgusting

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ConstFundie wrote:

The Democrats are guilty here of the same word-smithing deceit that the GOP is infamous for. When 7,000 military grade automatic-select weapons are solicited by Dept Homeland Security for their Domestic agents they are called “Personal Defense Weapons”.

When the less capable semi-auto guns are to be unconstitutionally banned to citizens, they are termed “assault weapons”.

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HJL wrote:

A stupid move! If passed how will they enforce it? Confiscate guns. That, for sure, will result in another American revolution and any politician supporting such legislation will be responsible for it and hopefully suffer the consequences like impeachment and hopefully banishment from the new USA!

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lets456 wrote:

During the last assault weapon ban. Might I add all happening in gun free zones. Just remember, the USA is ranked 29 th in firearms homocides yet the 28 countries ranked worse all make it illegal to own guns. Meaning, firearms are banned

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stambo2001 wrote:

Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it. The anti-gun, anti-freedom nutcases need to research the history of gun registration and the confiscations that follow soon after.

What the coward lefties do not realize is that the freedom to bare arms is what makes americans unique in the world. All the other citizens of the world have already been disarmed…they’ve had their teeth and claws removed. Now these de-clawed and neutered effeminate half-men want to force their knee-shaking cowardice on the rest of us. The ideal of self-determination means little to these poor, empty shells parading around as men.

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