Slow and steady can win the diet drug race

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brotherkenny4 wrote:

You cannot prevent people from being self destructive. I do not believe it is in our best interest. Certainly it is in the best interest of the corporations and politicians, since they need steady growth of the population and increased consumption, but they are only interested in their own benefits from these processes rather than what might be best for you or the country.

My advice to obese people, eat less and exercise more. However, I cannot live their lives, and perhaps they want a somewhat more indulgent but yet shorter life. You cannot say that is not better, because you don’t know.

Like I said, the only reason that anyone wants you to live longer is to feed the money making machine. It’s claimed that it benefits society, but by society I think they mean corporations and politicians.

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americanguy wrote:

“I can take a pill and still eat like a friggin pig! Yippie”
People are fat because they eat too much, like pigs.
I know people that have had the stomach surgery, lost a lot of weight, looked good, then put more weight back on than before the surgery because they figured out a way to eat constantly in small amounts. I mean they would eat until they threw up at first until they figured out a way. I didn’t even know that was possible.
I put obese people in the same group as smokers, just stupid self destructive people.

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