Obama to lay out economic growth plan in State of Union speech

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Kneel wrote:

@Adam Smith. That is plain wrong. Do you seriously think that a bunch of poor uneducated illegal immigrants were able to take jobs away from American citizens? Tell me which American citizen wants to work as a garbage man, or as a janitor? Such uneducated immigrants get exactly those jobs which are necessary, but not desirable. So if no one wants to do those jobs, then clearly illegal immigrants don’t pose the threat you are talking about. So what you are talking about is not based on evidence. In fact, as of now there are so many job vacancies in America – businesses cannot find sufficiently qualified people! Education and training is a big problem! So pointing to one thing as the root of all problems is naive and does not get us closer to any solution.

Now, that said, I’m not a fan of the dream act. I believe in helping the natural citizens first and then attending to others. I do believe borders need to be secured. But I do not believe in pointing the finger at someone and saying, “You are the problem.”

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Bunker555 wrote:

Adam Smith knows jack.

Definition of ‘Creative Destruction’
A term coined by Joseph Schumpeter in his work entitled “Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy” (1942) to denote a “process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one.”

Read more: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/creativedestruction.asp#ixzz2KTGfSYVQ

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bates148 wrote:

What’s his plan for the economy? To have hope? To believe in a better future? Mr Obama is nothing more than an empty suit. It’s a tragedy America does not have a real leader.

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zepryti wrote:

The single economic drain on the American economy is fuel costs, related to transportation. I realize there is a balance between new car buying and the price of gasoline. I believe that this relationship is unbalanced. Gasoline prices are artificially manipulated. Last month refineries where producing at under 84% capacity.
this proves that demand is down. With the Obama clearly behind this manipulation.

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RealisticVet wrote:

Same old garbage that has lost the country trillions over the last few years. This is why you don’t elect somebody for a catch phrase. Things have changed, hope is long gone. Electing a president with experience doing something real is a great thing to think about next time around.

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stevebdavis wrote:

Adam Smith might be interested to know that the *real* Adam Smith supported free and open migration and wrote of the benefits of a dynamic and mobile global labor force.

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tmc wrote:

We need an economy based on improvement, not growth.

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americanguy wrote:

The best economic growth plan: Kick all of the obstructionist Republicans out of Congress.

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JG11 wrote:

I have little faith in Obama; but Americans voted him back in 51 percent to 49 percent. He is one of the greatest campaigners ever to run for president and will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever. I can’t wait to hear his economic plan — shovel ready jobs, green energy, and more government workers. I expect the economy to be worse in 2016 than it is now.

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smit1610 wrote:

Great. How about stop spending a $trillion more a year than we bring in? The problem in Washington is Obama (he doesn’t think we have a spending problem). This is crazy.

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smit1610 wrote:

Great. How about stop spending a $trillion more a year than we bring in? The problem in Washington is Obama (he doesn’t think we have a spending problem). This is crazy.

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ConradU812 wrote:

“telling them he would stress the importance of education, development of clean energy, and infrastructure.”

Nothing in that list can improve the economy. It can only increase federal spending.

Fact: Making. More. Government. Jobs. Is. Deficit. Only.

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Dragos111 wrote:

I can’t wait to hear his plan for reducing the deficit. He got the tax hikes he wanted. Now let’s hear some of the cuts he is willing to make.

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Dragos111 wrote:

I hope someone has the nerve to call out, “You lie.” at the appropriate times.

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CF137 wrote:

Obama’s plan is to keep the unemployed on welfare.

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Harry079 wrote:

“offering proposals for investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy and education”

Just like every other State of the Union speech for the past 20 years.

The only thing the Federal Government is investing in today is $40 billion a month in Mortgage Backed Securities and $45 billion a month in Treasury Bonds.

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Speaker2 wrote:

The economy does not care where the cash comes from, it can be the private sector or the government sector. The money is still spent doing work, making stuff and paying wages.

The government was forced to pump in the these trillions of dollars to avoid a complete economic collapse. Had the Feds not pumped in this large amount of funds, unemployment would have been 25-40%. Foreclosures 2 times what we saw, the US automotive industry would have been gone.

You want to blame someone, look no farther than George Bush. Massive unjustified tax cuts. Two unfunded wars, reducing banking regulations etc. Trickle down economics don’t work.

You guys forget the former Vice-President stating that “Deficits Don’t Matter”? or do you Republicans and Tea Party folks have a case of selective memory loss?

The US will not get out of debt without both spending cuts and tax increases.

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Tiu wrote:

American democracy is a farce. Either way the same, faceless back-room boys will be calling the agenda.
America is a slave colony for the New World Order. “Politicians” such as Obama are nothing more than slave overseers.
Voting won’t change anything.

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bates148 wrote:

@Speaker2 Still blaming Bush? Here is a newsflash buddy, by 2016 the deficit will be close to $22 trillion and counting. Do you recall what it was when Bush left office? It was $10 trillion. Bush is gone, time to point the finger elsewhere.

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AdamSmith wrote:

The American worker has always been famous for being the hardest working, most productive worker in the world. That’s how America became great.

The American ag worker, the American construction trades worker, the American factory worker – No other country in the world has the reputation of the American worker for back-breaking, hard, efficient, productive labor. And historically, before NAFTA, the American worker was the BEST PAID worker in the world.

There is no job too dirty or too difficult for the American worker if he is PAID a GOOD wage. Cleaner of sewers? No problem if the wage is a GOOD wage. Not a low wage, not a nit-picking wage, not a breakeven wage, not a cheapo wage, but a GOOD wage that will allow him to marry, buy a house and support his wife and children. The American worker will outwork anyone.

Most foreign immigrant laborers come from countries and cultures famous for their tradition of Siesta, Manana, and the highest violent crime rates and corruption in the world, e.g., Mexico, among others.

If these people are such great workers, why are the countries of their origins so unproductive, corrupt, and violent? The truth is, they are NOT better workers than Americans, they are simply willing to work as slaves for any price. That’s why their countries of origin have such wide divides between extreme wealth and abject poverty.

The current massive, destructive wave of foreign immigrants into America is being promoted by big-money America interests because they make higher, obscene, profits when they can pay workers low, go-broke wages.

Thus this huge tide of foreign immigration into the US is quickly destroying the American working class, and enriching the American wealthy criminal class.

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elsewhere wrote:

Government cannot create anything but does consume via taxes. It can only create an atmosphere for businesses to grow. The current president does not know nor recongnize that fact.

Until we have a change in the party leadership in the senate to force him to compromise then nothing will change for the average American.

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Harry079 wrote:

Speaker2 says: “The economy does not care where the cash comes from, it can be the private sector or the government sector. The money is still spent doing work, making stuff and paying wages.”

How does spending $40 billion a month on Mortgage Backed Securities and $45 billion a month on Treasury Bonds make any stuff, create any work or pay any wages?

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USA4 wrote:

Obama’s economic plan? simple: (1) talk in grotesque generalities and get people to believe that ‘hope’ and ‘change’ are a strategy, and (2) to whatever extent he possibly can, take from one group and give to another. Only problem with that is (1) hope is not a strategy in the real world and (2) the people who have aren’t stupid, and they eventually tire of seeing their money taken and given to those who would prefer to get something for nothing.

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divinargant wrote:

The Fed out on a 85b a month digital spending spree for selective bank paper laden in toxicity doesn’t make stuff, create work nor pay wages. If it were in fact the case that cheap credit was holding back job growth, we today would not be having this conversation. If any business can increase profit by adding more workers ( or in some cases robotics) they will naturally do so when profits rise driven by an increase in demand that will lead to the need for more workers. The Fed is selling it as a means to increase employment. That’s not really true. They are just out of outs and to portray the institution as relevant and necessary (aka keeping their jobs), this is what they do.

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PortlandME wrote:

I am laughing out loud at the Obama haters/critics. A few facts, if I may.

(1) Government does not make anything. True. The irony, however, is that the comment is being made on this site over the internet…the same internet that the federal govt. provided the initial funding. And, there are countless products/inventions, funded by NIH, NASA and DOD for example, which are now used in our everyday life. Federal funding provides both private sector small and large companies opportunities to bring potential products to market…earn profits and hire workers.

(2) Obama does not know anything about the economy or does not have a strategy to get it going. Yet, the Great Recession is over and we are full economic recovery. While the Europeans, like the British, and GOP favor austerity, Obama’s policies created over 5 million jobs and steady, positive growth from 2009 to 2012. We learned recently that cutting federal spending is actually hurting, not making it better like the GOP would want us to believe. No, I don’t believe in the tooth fairy like the GOP.

(3) Obama is all talk. Yet, he presented the GOP a Jobs bill in 2011 that would create over 1 million additional, new jobs and help Americans earn a living. The GOP House gained power in 2010 based on creating new jobs. To date, the GOP has not proposed or passed any creditable bill to create new jobs…and refuses to consider Obama’s Jobs Act bill. The GOP House, instead, has spent more time naming buildings after dead people, in recess or passing anti-abortion bills.

So, I laugh out loud reading idiocy from idiots.

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USA4 wrote:

Portland ME: Obama and his ‘policies’ have been the biggest impediment to economic recovery. Compare the post recession economic statistics for the past several years to similar periods in previous recessions and see for yourself. And, stop calling people idiots who are more informed than you are.

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Abulafiah wrote:

USA4 wrote:
“Obama and his ‘policies’ have been the biggest impediment to economic recovery.”

Continuos economic growth since mid 2009 says you are wrong.

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USA4 wrote:

Abulafiah: just because it is ‘continuous’ (debatable depending on which statistics you look at, but set that aside for now) doesn’t mean it is good. You need to consider the RATE of growth. Take a look at the data- if you are honest about it, you will be disgusted with how poorly things are going.

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hoxfan wrote:

You are so right. This sluggish growth is for the dogs. What I wouldn’t give to go back to the brilliant conservative policies that sent the U.S. economy into a free-fall in the first place. Call me crazy, but I prefer the Dow Jones going from 6,600 to 14,000 in four years rather than the other way around.

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