Exiting U.S. general says Afghan women's rights are key

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Funny how they didn’t think of women’s right when the empowered the warlord, drug lords, rapists and fraudsters by putting them in parliament.

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a_comment wrote:

Well ~ 2 points…1. As the reult of 9-11 we are NOT engaged in a war with the Taliban… 2. Dubya or not, we should not be engaged in nation building…hasn’t worked in the past decade…and regardless of what the prior Vice-President “promised”, Iraq did not pay for the Iraq war. Long past time to leave Afghanistan and let Karzi deal with the Taliban like Nouri al-Maliki has to deal with the Sunnis in Iraq.

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repar wrote:

The only way things are going to change in that part of the world as regards to women’s rights is if every woman is armed and trained to shoot!! The Taliban will come back because the men over there are bullies and have no regard for the future of their country or their citizens. The Americans should volunteer to train any and all women who want to be trained in the use of arms. Then, they can all settle their own problems among themselves. I’m betting that a woman with a gun is going to be way more dangerous to the Taliban than just having good thoughts about the Taliban changing their ways!!

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FreedomRadio wrote:

I find it curious that a U.S. general would speak about women’s rights. That’s definitely not in his wheelhouse and his statements are quite curious. The stark reality in the middle east in general is that women’s rights will improve — evolve — but it will take decades. Many decades. You can’t undo thousands of years next year or the year after. And the general knows that.

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americanguy wrote:

“If the Taliban want to get support in Afghanistan, they need to …..”
Thank you for telling the Taliban how to get back control of Afghanistan and start the whole thing all over again, General Doofus.

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